Battle of the Hot Robs! (PHOTOS)

There are a plethora of hot men in Hollywood, but doesn’t it seem to be an odd coincidence that four of some of the hottest men around share the same moniker?

Robert Pattinson, Rob Lowe, Rob Kardashian and Robert Downey Jr are certified dreamboats and Celebuzz wanted to something to commemorate their hotness.

Also, whether they prefer “Rob,” “Robert,” or perhaps even “Robbie,” it doesn’t change our love for them (or their level of handsome good looks).

We’ve put together a gallery of some of their best looks for your viewing pleasure. So take a gander through the gallery, then cast your vote for the hottest Rob around!

Men aren’t the ones in Hollywood who share monikers with other people of the same hotness. You can check out some hot Jennifers below!