Happy Father’s Day Hank Baskett (PHOTOS)

Kendra & Hank In Love
Check out pics of the couple smooching!
Move over moms, it’s time for the dads to get their day of glorification because this Sunday (June 19th) is Father’s Day!

While Minnesota Viking Hank Baskett juggles his football career and co-stardom on the hit reality show Kendra, he also manages to take on another role as a loving father. His son Hank Jr. recently turned 18 months and the proud dad posted via twitter:

“Also baby hank is 18 months old today so happy 18 month bday to him.”

Although having your new marriage televised can create a lot of pressure — not to mention adding a baby into the mix — many viewers have had the opportunity to see just how wonderful of a husband and father Hank is! With baby Hank Jr. coming up on two years this December, the excitement of Fathers Day is still new to him!

With all his football trading stresses and new parenting pressures, he’s still managed to come out on top. Surely, many can agree that it’s definitely time to pay tribute to Daddy Baskett. Happy Fathers Day Hank!

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