Justin Bieber Makes a (Not So) Surprise Appearance at the MuchMusic Awards Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Bieber Hits the CMTs
Justin and Rascall Flats spend some country QT.
Not only is Justin Bieber’s appearance at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada on Sunday evening a homecoming, but it shows how supportive he is of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez!

The Biebs hit the red carpet looking all kinds of fly in his signature look — a blazer and sweet shades. Keeping things casual, he rocked a tee underneath his fahsionable blazer, but we’re having a bit of trouble seeing the face that’s front and center on that t-shirt.

We can tell it’s someone from the 80s or 90s per the bit of feathered hair that we can see, but we can make out the face! Our first instinct is Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell but we’re not really sure.

UPDATE: That is in fact Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell on JB’s shirt. Got to love a good throwback! 

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