Justin Bieber Makes a (Not So) Surprise Appearance at the MuchMusic Awards Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

bieber fever!
Justin Bieber at the MuchMusic Video Awards Red Carpet

Not only is Justin Bieber's appearance at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada on Sunday evening a homecoming, but it shows how supportive he is of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez!

The Biebs hit the red carpet looking all kinds of fly in his signature look -- a blazer and sweet shades. Keeping things casual, he rocked a tee underneath his fahsionable blazer, but we're having a bit of trouble seeing the face that's front and center on that t-shirt.

We can tell it's someone from the 80s or 90s per the bit of feathered hair that we can see, but we can make out the face! Our first instinct is Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell but we're not really sure.

UPDATE: That is in fact Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell on JB's shirt. Got to love a good throwback! 

Take a look at the photos in the gallery, then tell us what you think of Justin's look on Twitter or Facebook!



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  • fenty

    hey justin.you"re nice boy

  • fenty

    hello justin,i from azerbaijan and i love you

  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez

    you guys are delusional if you think ur going to be with justin. 1st hes taken by sel and 2nd ur never going to meet him talking like that. all phsyco. I like justin bieber but hes not THAT special enuff to go head over heals in love with him, Hes famous. :) <3

  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez

    maybe becuz he might be having a baby with sel

  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez


  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez


  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez

    Did anyone notice hes wearing a pink suit? CUTE!


    I love it when he smiles with his mouth open like that :D I don't like that lately he doesn't really smile in pictures as much as he used to -___-


    Kelly and Justin did T-shirt tributes to each other... llol so cute

  • girl love justin
    girl love justin

    i love all the pics but not the one with JB with other girls he’s mine he is fine

  • me

    i love all the pics but not the one with JB with other girls he's mine

  • Katie

    He's sooo yummy:)

  • Liv

    ahh tiffany amber theissan on his shirt! I LOVE SAVED BY THE BELL! I still watch it today. you rock gurl

  • Kellie

    She sure is a pretty little girl.

  • Shamalee Christie
    Shamalee Christie

    always SWAGGED out

  • Shamalee Christie
    Shamalee Christie

    love this pic

  • danielleakame

    im usually not a hater or anything like that, but he looks very feminine in these pics. and to make it better, he wasnt even around for the saved by the bell days. that was a great show, he brings dishonor to that show! ahahahhah

  • hater

    He's gorgeous? are you all brainwashed? He is so gay!! I can't even stand this! Why would he wear a shirt with kelly kapwoski on it? No straight guy would do that? I mean seriously he is not cute. and if he was i would admit it. All of you need to open your eyes and wuit saying hes cute judt because you liike him or everyone else thinks he is.He's not cute and he is showign guys they cvan dress gay and people wont even notice. I hate this kid and all of his stupid little girl minded bran washed fans.

  • Paige

    Definitely Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell

  • maddiebieber

    i love all those pics <3

  • Lucia Divito
    Lucia Divito

    OMG He is Gawjus :* X

  • staystrong

    OMG this child is pathetic what kinda message does he want to send to his fans ( esp GIRLS ) by wearing that tshirt ? i love girls who pose around like sluts ? god only knows what beliebers are wearing and taking pics of what right now no wonder selena changed her style and is getting racy

  • MszRiRi

    C'mon lets face it he's hott (though i hate him)

  • christine

    rascal flatts :::we love u:)

  • christine

    ugly jb!!! the rudest boy ever

  • idaolivia

    too much 4 my eyes <3 i love you

  • Haydee Hernandez
    Haydee Hernandez

    It looks like Saved By the Bell's Kelly Kapowski lol

  • courtneybaaaby

    he is soooooo fucking UGLY!

  • Brianna

    I Wonder who is the girl in the tshirt.....????