Kim Kardashian's Father's Day Lunch Date (PHOTOS)

It may be Father's Day, but that doesn't mean Kim Kardashian has forgotten about another important person in her life -- her grandma!

The reality star and her maternal grandmother, MJ, were spotted out and about in Beverly Hills while getting lunch on Sunday afternoon. We can see where the Kardashian ladies get their good looks and sense of style!

In addition to Kim's family time, she was also able to squeeze in a bit of party time as well.

Kim attended the birthday party of Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber's manager) last night, and tweeted about the good time!

In addition to sharing a twitpic with the caption, "2 legit 2 quit," she said:

"Its Hammer Time up in here!!!"
Sounds like a fun weekend to us!

Check out all the photos of Kim and her grandma in the gallery!

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  • flojoj

    Doesn't Kim ever get TIRED OF POSING? I think the public are getting very weary of seeing her in so many publications. She can't sing, or even talk with much sense..But is simply good at POSING. ..even though she is very short, she likes to EXPOSE almost every part of her body...esp. her BOOTY. Does she do anything like trying to BETTER people who are less fortunate? Her engagement ring could support several poor villages around the world. She is NOT our Princess Katherine --her entire family of sisters are just alike. But the biggest publicity HOUND is their MOTHER! dissapointed in TEXAS

  • Bud Narachi
    Bud Narachi

    I think we all have had enough of the Kardashians, why do you folks KEEP posting their pics, I am very tired of it

  • Paddy

    Can't really get a good look at Granny! KK's glasses are in the way!!

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    How do think granny got HER house?

  • Nicole

    gramma must be so proud she has a pimp for a daughter & a famewhoore for a grand daughter, how special

  • jen

    hahahaha i love how the kid in the back is staring at kims butt

  • Findishea Nemo
    Findishea Nemo

    When's her tape being released?