Special Fathers Day Giveaway: Signed Copy of Rita Cosby’s ‘Quiet Hero’

Celebuzz has a very special giveaway in honor of Father’s Day. Emmy-winning Journalist Rita Cosby is giving one reader a signed copy of her new book, Quiet Hero. The book is about Rita’s journey to reconnect with her father and she uncovers many secrets about his past.

“It was the most amazing journey of my life. I have finally reunited with my father after almost three decades of estrangement,” Cosby told us. “My father left the family when I was a teenager at Christmas. There was a lot of hurt and confusion. So I always wondered what happened to my dad.”

“What happened was my mother passed away, and we put her belongings in a storage locker. Just recently we went through the storage locker and found this battered leather suitcase we had never seen before. Inside was essentially my fathers life.”

And Rita uncovered more than she ever expected.

“Now we have an amazing, incredible bond, I think as a result of going through incredible hurdles and also giving my dad a chance to hear his story finally.”

“A lot of their generation never talked about what they went through and in my fathers case it was because he was a prisoner of war, he was a resistance fighter in Poland, literally on the front lines fighting the Nazi’s.”

Continued Rita:

“It wasn’t an organized army…he was a teenager. It was very brutal warfare, he lost 80% of his men, and then he was captured, escaped, and saved by American troops. But my dad was so traumatized by what he went through he changed his identity, became Richard Cosby, came to America, and took on a whole new identity and life.”

“So this was an enormous revelation and discovery. My father was finally ready to share his story at 85 years old,” Rita said. “It’s important to share it for history and to honor the US Troops that saved him.”

Proceeds from Quiet Hero will go to the troops here in America, how amazing is that?

Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and then tell us: How are you spending your fathers day? Tell us in the comments below.

This contest ends June 26 at 9am.

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