‘A.N.T Farm’ Star China Anne McClain Talks Idol Selena Gomez

Meet New Star of 'Kickin' It'
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We hope you all tuned into Disney’s awesome new show A.N.T Farm Friday night! China Anne McClain, who stars as Chyna Parks,, is already being dubbed the next Miley Cyrus. A.N.T Farm follows Chyna, the new student who enrolls in the prestigious Advanced Natural Talents program thanks to her outstanding voice.

Celebuzz had the pleasure of chatting with the musical prodigy when we visited the set, and have no doubts she is on the rise to superstardom! And China has no problem if she is the next Selena Gomez.

Check out our interview!

So tell us about how this pilot came to be?
Well, actually before we did this pilot, me and the two co-stars of the show, Sierra McCormick and Jake Shore, did another pilot before this for the Disney channel but it didn’t get picked up. We were like oh man that’s a bummer. So I get a call one day, and they were like, yeah we want you for this new show called A.N.T Farm so they cast me in it! Which I was so excited about, and then when they were doing the auditions I saw Ciara and Jake so was freaking out! I hoped they would get the parts, and so when they did it was just amazing. It has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Sounds like you guys all get along so well! What is it like on set if you get some downtime?
When were not filming, during our lunch breaks we go out and play basketball. We hang out off set too. We did laser tag and bowling one time which was so much fun. 

So who do you look up to career wise?
Well actually, right now I think I look up to Selena Gomez the most

That’s so great! There are already comparisons between you and Miley and Selena. 
It’s very flattering. Selena is just awesome, so sweet.I worked with her for two weeks on Wizards, and from the very beginning she was just the nicest girl ever, like, in the universe. She comes up ya know, dancing and stuff. She’s just the greatest. She kinda took me in like family for those two weeks.

Did she give you any advice, now now that you are the star of your own show?
Lets see did she, I cant remember, but im gunna have to ask her next time I see her. Because she’s been through all this. So I gotta have her tell me some of her war stories.

Lastly, why should fans tune into the show? What sets it apart from other Disney shows?
People should watch the show because its so realistic everybody has that experience. You know, that first day at school, because the first day at school really determines the rest of your life there.

Everyone be sure to tune into A.N.T Farm, Friday’s at 8:30 pm on Disney!