Cameron Diaz Sports Her Happy Face at ‘GMA’ (PHOTOS)

Cameron's Bikini Vacay
Check out more pics of Cam in a bikini!
There’s certainly no case of the Mondays keeping Cameron Diaz down.

The blonde beauty was nothing but smiles and friendly waves as she made her way into the Good Morning America studios on Monday morning. With a white blouse, jean jacket and tan miniskirt, Cameron happily entered the studios (with some tall heels to match) to talk shop.

Cameron will show off her naughty side this week, as her new film Bad Teacher premieres. Think along the lines of Bad Santa, only set in a school and with a hot blonde actress instead of Billy Bob Thornton. Teacher pairs her up with funnyman Jason Segel, and also with her ex, Justin Timberlake. Take a trip down memory lane with some photos of the Teacher (and Green Lantern) cast from their high school days!

Teacher will open up in theaters across the U.S. on June 24. Watch the trailer below:

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