Constance Zimmer Talks Final Season of ‘Entourage’- Is It the End?

Thankfully, Constance Zimmer is nothing like her frazzled, “ball busting” character on Entourage, but rather super sweet! The actress tells Celebuzz about the show’s final season, her new series — and her wedding survival tips! 

She’s been a standout on the award-winning HBO show, and those who want to see more of her are in luck! This season, her role is being increased to include her in most of the episodes. She’s not entirely sad about the series ending, as a movie could be coming soon to theaters!

Are you sad Entourage is ending?
Yes, of course! But, we are all hopeful that there will be a movie – so we’ll be working together as these characters soon. Once that is over, it will hit hard, I’m sure.

What was your first reaction when you heard the news?
We’ve all known for awhile now that the show was coming to an end. It’s been eight years and I think they want to go out on a good note, so it’s sad indeed, but that will make the movie that much more desired!

Can you give us some dish about the final season?
I believe it’s going to be the best season yet! It has everything i think the fans want. Business, personal lives, shocking surprises and emotional moments. Good guest stars, as always…who could ask for more?

You have a new show! Can you tell us about that?
It’s called Love Bites that airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC. It’s called a summer series, which doesn’t give us much hope for its future. We were originally told it wasn’t going to air, so we are all pretty excited that people get to see it. My character Coleen is the complete opposite of Dana Gordon, so it was super fun to shoot. Coleen is married to Greg Grunberg’s character, Judd, on the show and they are totally relatable and I don’t think i’ve ever seen a couple quite like them on TV. It’s an anthology series, so you might have to stick around til the end to see our storyline, but it’s worth the wait!

How is this character different than Dana?
Coleen is more of a hippy, tattoos and everything…she’s still strong and independent but in a more down to earth kind of way. She’s a lover not a fighter, where I think Dana might be the opposite.

How are YOU different from both characters?
I’m definitely not as secure or confident as these two women, that’s why they are so much fun to play. If only I could speak my mind as freely as either of them, that would be something!

Congrats on your recent wedding! After going through the experience, what advice would you give couples about to walk down the aisle?
I was given the best advice: “Know that one thing is going to go wrong.” That way when something doesn’t go wrong, it’s a wonderful thing instead of stressing over something bad happening. Also, enjoy the day, it goes by so fast – and lastly, the day is for you (the couple) not for anyone else.

Entourage will begin airing its final season on July 24th.