Courtney Stodden: Who Is the 16-Year-Old Country Bride?

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In news that will surely set off a whole lot of red flags and pique the interest of many, Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison tied the knot with singer Courtney Stodden this week. Not sure why that’s newsworthy or so interesting? Well, Hutchison is 51 years old, and Stodden is … wait for it … 16. 

So, legalities aside, who is this supposedly-16-year-old gal and what has she done so far? Allow Celebuzz to introduce you to Miss Stodden — no, wait, Mrs. Hutchison.

Who Is This Courtney Stodden? She’s an aspiring pop-country crooner who until now has not been a household name for many. Most of her music is limited to Myspace and YouTube, where you can find such offerings as “Car Candy” and “Don’t Put It On Me,” which features Stodden  in the back of a boat in an all-pink outfit … complete with a pink-haired dog as well. You should really watch this: 

So How Does She Know Hutchison? Well, strangely (or not so strange, actually) she’s signed to his production company Dark Water. Does the name sound creepy? Don’t worry, they’re all about the deep fulfillment of their talent’s biggest desires. “From our ocean of unrest swim the dreams of filmmakers, actors, authors, illustrators, photographers, magicians, musicians and inventors. With artistic vision, our goal is to manifest dreams,” the website reads. Stodden’s in good hands!

Is She Really 16? According to Stodden, yes. Looks aside, we’ve come across this little modeling site that has her at 17, with no date to suggest when that was posted. Other tidbits from the site? She’s rocking a 36-23-34 figure (?!) and is 5’3″ while tipping (or not tipping) the scales at 96 pounds.

What Does She Like? Well, it’s hard to say as we don’t know much about her or know her personally, but strictly going by her YouTube videos, it’s safe to say she enjoys: Colored dogs, rented boats, writhing about, sitting on the back seats of convertibles and wearing really big sunglasses.

What Does She Not Like? Tough call, really, but she definitely doesn’t like bullies. In a YouTube video, she explains for nearly 7 minutes how she has overcome bullying, and wrote a song (the pink-haired dog video above) as a rally cry for the victims of bullying. “My goal is to help others not be affected by bullies, and even possibly help save one life. I know there are people right there who are watching this and are either a victim or a bully. I am here to help the victim. You are not alone,” she says. Please, watch:

So… How’d She Get Married at 16? Well, apparently if you have parental consent, a 16-year-old can marry legally in Clark County, Nevada. Cue the supportive quote from mom via Radar: “We are totally supportive of this marriage … Doug is a wonderful man and we love him.” Signed, sealed, delivered.

OK, so she works for Hutchison … why do/should I know him? He’s been in a handful of movies and TV shows you’ve likely seen. He played Percy in The Green Mile, and more recently he led the DHARMA Initiative on the hit ABC show Lost. Most currently, he married a 16-year-old singer. And for no reason at all, here’s a techno mix of Hutchison on Lost.

(Photos: YouTube / Getty Images)