Heidi Montag Flaunts Bikini Bod, Parties Poolside in Vegas With Crystal Harris (PHOTOS)

Bikini Babe!
Heidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las Vegas

Eyes up here, boys! Heidi Montag has never been shy about showing off her assets and partied in Las Vegas this weekend in a skimpy two-piece pink bikini. She flaunted her slim bikini bod while hosting a pool party at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Celebrating alongside Heidi were her husband Spencer Pratt and fellow blonde Crystal Harris, who called off her engagement to Hugh Hefner earlier this week.

Heidi, who previously admitted to getting ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, told Us Weekly she recently lost 27 pounds because she had spent more then 14 hours at the gym over the last two months.

"I've been working out from, like, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. for two months now. I've been working out really hard because I had this pool party and I was like, I have to be in shape... And I was actually a lot overweight. It was the most I've ever been because I've kind of been in hiding eating pie with my husband and puppies, so I needed to get back in shape."
Heidi has been out of the spotlight for some time but will be taking another stab at reality TV with Famous Food, a new VH1 reality show premiering July 10. In the show, Montag along with Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub, Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul and Juicy J and SopranosVincent Pastore, star together to help start a new restaurant.



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  • nic

    i dont think its right to call someone ugly she was a lot more naturally pretty before but it was her choice i just think she got too much

  • rasha

    no its not because if this,, because she really look bad... we used to love her and love her natural beauty and now shes totally a different women..

  • rasha

    its sad ... she was naturally beautiful... now shes all fake... she dnt even realize it.. and her bf or husband dont notice it? did he really like her this way?? take a look to lauren conrad or audrina or others...they still have the natural beauty nad they look more beautiful than heidi... its sad to see her like this

  • dorothy83

    Spencer, doesnt it bother you that she doesnt wear her wedding ring?

  • dorothy83

    Oh, Spencer. Its almost sweet how you stick up for your wife. Ps- she needs to find a waterproof spray tan for her feet.

  • Peaceman300


  • Peaceman300


  • Peaceman300

    Shut the FUCK up Whitney!!!!! No one asked you how would you feel if someone said that to you?!!!! Ur mouth is Fucking filthy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    I'm a lot skinnier than Heidi and completely healthy, If she had just gotten smaller implants she would look amazing. Like a full B or even C. I the 8th pic she is actually carrying too much fat in her buns and thighs. Assuming she didn't have such huge breasts she could easily lose a few pounds of body fat and look amazing at 90 lbs. I mean she is only 5' 2" . Oh well it is her body and she doesn't seem to know what to do with it next.

  • LORD.

    She's so ugly! 1. Her body looks like it's so skinny it could snap like a twig any second. 2. Her boobs look like giant rocks. 3. Her skin is too tan. 4. Her hair is too blonde. What happened to the beautiful, natural girl that used to be inside of her..?

  • Josh

    She looks hideous... just disgusting...

  • simplydiffer

    This ho need to go. No one cares. And working out 14 hours a day? That's what trainers call "overworking".

  • Tolja

    She looks just as stupid as she did the last time she posed with those inflated honkers AND a beach ball. Might as well be the same pictures, I had the same thought both times. 3 beach balls, still ain't pretty.

  • Jeff

    ugh. GO. FAR. AWAY.

  • Whitney West
    Whitney West

    She looks so disgusting

  • Nada

    Does anyone notice that she has a personality that seems to "overdo" things, she overdid plastic surgery and who the heck needs that for cosmetic purposes at her age anyway, now she's overdoing it at the gym and with being thin. This girl needs to stop obsessing and get therapy, otherwise after this, there will be another obsession. I'm just sayin'.

  • Tiff

    This woman is unrealistically skinny! It is NOT healthy. This is good, but she is almost gaunt

  • dora shabazz
    dora shabazz

    WTH can u possibly DO in a gym 14hrs a day?? for real now~

  • peppa

    ok even though she is fake she s got a nice body, but what with her boobs? it s like they dont belong to her body!! they re just... there!

  • Penny Pretlow
    Penny Pretlow

    her way too skinny body makes her head look gi-normous.....is she holding a beachball or did she get wet republic tattooed on her forehead????

  • danielleakame

    poor girl. what a life...ugh. let her do what she wants but dont promote it to other people. not a healthy lifestyle to advertise to impressionable kids.

  • AgingGracefully

    I feel so sorry for this woman. I see a suicide in her future when she inevitably ages. This woman has such a messed-up view of what is beautiful, and what isn't.

  • Rich

    EdFreeGal - She went to the gym, worked hard, and lost weight. Nothing wrong with that. You must be fat, unhappy, and too lazy to do anything about it.

  • tigertaint

    i dunno. she looks pretty toned and healthy to me. definitely burns as many calories she intakes. i don't like the plastic surgeries or fake boobs but she looks healthy.

  • EdFreeGal

    THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF DISORDERED/UNHEALTHY EXERCISE AND EATING. This should not be praised by critisized. There are many impressionable, susceptible girls and women out there who may try to emulate this unhealthy behavior so we should be clear about our unanimous concern with such behavior.

  • Noah

    You guys are serving up some serious Haterade to my future wife. How dare you!

  • Annie Gouge'
    Annie Gouge'

    completely fake its SAD that jerk of a bf or husband whatever turned her into a .....................

  • Ala

    She looks even more hideous than the last time around. Too blonde, too tanned, too skinny ... in other words, too fake