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Hi guys, so I need to think of a name for my new Belle Noel collection. I’m coming out with a whole new line and I want a fun new name to go with it!

You guys are so creative I thought I’d come to you first. What do you think?

Head over to Kim Kardashian's blog and leave a comment with your suggestions!



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  • kim

    kim i also wanted to say that u r a great sister. ur family forgets that because of u they became famous and successful. they need to start appreciating u more and all u do for them. dont quit and dont get upset when u hear any rumors. people want what u have. stay sweet and sexy. p.s. u and reggie made a beautiful couple, he was dumb for letting u go. one mans ex another mans treasure. good for kris. bye doll

  • kim

    name seda

  • Edilia Gonzalez
    Edilia Gonzalez

    Hello doll :) How about "Kk bling" P.s loving the new hair cut!!