Justin Bieber Gets Frisky with Selena Gomez at MMVAs (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber can't keep his eyes (or hands) off of girlfriend Selena Gomez, even when the two are on stage in front of thousands of fans.

The Biebs cuddled up to his leggy girlfriend as he accepted (one of many) awards at the 2011 MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Canada. SelGo, who changed out of a ruffled beige mini into tiny black shorts and a sexy white vest when she presented an award to her 17-year-old beau.

Although Bieber couldn't keep his eyes off of Selena at the awards, there may be another woman who is closer to his heart.

During the award show, BIeber showed off a t-shirt with a photo of Saved By the Bell cutie Tiffany Amber Thiessen. Although Saved By the Bell went off the air in 1993 – a year before Bieber was even born – the young pop star has apparently set his sights on the actress. Watch out, Selena!

Despite Justin's t-shirt love, Selena and Justin left the award show together in a black SUV. Check out more photos and sound off in the comments.



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  • isabella

    they look sooooooooooo cute togther. their name jelena is so beautiful i wish i was justin bieber"s wife so badley

  • Jelenax

    well ithink they are so cute tigther!! and ew yh i think he was looking at ehr boobs!! but luv jelena!! he is 17 for goodness sake better not let gaga see those justin is gay!! Obama will hear ofit!!

  • Ducky

    Justin-a Beiber Is A Low-Life Reatrd

  • ashhhulee

    whose on his shirtt?

  • SelPlusJB

    How the fuck is he disrespectful? One or two pictures that looks like he's looking down her shirt. That automatically makes him a "horndog" or "brat"? Leave him the fuck alone, if he really was disrespectful, Selena would have broken up with him a LONG time ago.

  • Taylor

    hes not ur man and probally never would be, get over it, if u love him so much u should be happy for him that hes happy, get over yourself

  • Yolanda

    If I were SG, I'd slap the puberty outta him after the show ended. What disrespectful, horndog of a brat this kid is. The only thing I respect him in is in the charity he is doing but that's mostly it. Love how Selena's body looks.

  • liliana

    are shorts! selena looks beautiful

  • liliana

    are shorts! looks beautiful

  • Jessica Salas
    Jessica Salas

    no offence but selena looks like a slut with that short dress in my opinion...no hate im just sayin

  • Noah

    Everyone knows that eye contact leads to pregnancy.

  • nina

    hey did any body ever tell him to make eye contact ! XD

  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez

    He would be wear a half naked lady on his shirt lol

  • Gabby Maez
    Gabby Maez

    Hes taken. I think they are sooo cute 2gether.

  • LoVinYou

    And we care about Selena Gomez and her inapropiate ass outfit because......

  • jiya

    if god wants they live together always so i have no problem i wish that will not happened . i will pray for it. god bless them. A MAN.


    Awww Sel looks like she's blushing :) haha


    Why the hell is Drake holdiing a drink.. lol xD


    Jesus can Selena's shorts get any shorter.?!

  • Katie

    He's looking down her shirt..

  • maya

    its funny how they acted like they dnt now EO but they drove home together in the same car ...... K I S S I N G :) hahahahah ♥ just sayi'n

  • twilover123

    they look really good together...it used to make me sick just for the fact tht i love tht guy but when i think about it...who gives a fuck..let them be happy

  • payton

    1st of all: everybody, i repeat EVERYBODY knows that they are dating 2nd of all: she IS as a matter of fact a singer. havent you heard of "selena gomez & the scene"? and last but not least: if you dont have anythign nice to say, dont say anything at all

  • Erick

    The two go well A ♥

  • Erick

    Well K photo More Elegant TzHuicho


    SO HOT SO HOT SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIN BIEEBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR:)


    i hate Selena Gomez now........ FOR STEALING MY MANNNN!!! :)

  • Vanessa Maldonado
    Vanessa Maldonado

    look drake

  • name

    disgusting. it's all 4 publicity people so get over it! and trust me those of u that want 2 go out with justin boober trust me u really dont!

  • Janna

    They are soo cute together

  • Alex

    Shut up u are not prettier than Selena and u will never be

  • rainbowpanda

    okaaay selena looks kinda inapropiat her shorts r to short n well does she even hav a shirt its just a vest okayy wierd but i still like her just she loooks soo differnt

  • tinything

    Ever heard of Selena Gomez and the Scene? She is a singer and a darn good one at that! Stop hatin playa its not a good look

  • Battles Gloss Drop
    Battles Gloss Drop

    Am I the only one weirded out about the media's focus on this? Like calling selena 'legging' and 'sexy'? Effed up.

  • ez

    hardly anything to look at lol

  • Katy

    HAHa now he seems so litlle next to her :D

  • Noah

    I like that they are wearing the same size blazer.

  • javi

    wow hater calm down dude if you don't like any of them why do you post is crazy im just saying man don't post if you don't like them. and do you have any proof that justin is gay cause i havent seen anything my gaydar must be off cause he maybe short and have stupid hair but he dosen't look gay a retard maybe but gay i need more proof

  • hater

    First of all this is totally ridiculous. Why would he be wearing shirt with "Kelly Kapowski" from saved by the bell on it? No straight guy would do that. She is dressed like a slut and this is so fake. "He get's frisky with her" no. their not even dating. Why is she even a host? shes not even a singer? this is just totally ridiculous. I can't even belive you would post this on your website.

  • RihannaFan

    F them, FAKE FAKE!

  • HAHA

    HAHA looks like justin's looking at selena's breast justsaying

  • shelia

    Oh!!! goodly couple