Audrina Patridge Rocks a Teeny Bikini in Cabo (PHOTOS)

Bikini Babe!
Audrina Patridge Shows Off Bikini Body in Mexico

Is there ever a time that Audrina Patridge isn't in a bikini? (Not that we're complaining!)

The sexy reality star has headed south of the border for a little Mexican getaway to Cabo San Lucas, and the paps caught her showing off her crazy in shape bod. Wearing a cute coral colored top and floral bottoms, Audrina accessorized her beach look with a fashionable, floppy hat.

It may seem that Audrina went to Cabo just for the heck of it, but she actually went to celebrate. What exactly was she celebrating you ask?

Father's day! Audrina headed down with her whole fam and tweeted about the fun time they were having.

She said:

"Having the best time in Mexico with my family for fathers day!! I'll have lots of fun pics on website soon"
Sounds like a good time to us!

Check out all the photos of Audrina in her teeny bikini in the gallery! And check out some more hot bikini bods below!



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  • Jamie DubstepMaster Jeffery
    Jamie DubstepMaster Jeffery

    "starvation" is > sexy to these celebs. Utterly discussing to look at though.

  • Justin

    this isnt amazing,this is starvation. not sexy.

  • TerriblyTexas

    Audrina's bikini body is significantly less amazing in 2011 since she significantly removed her curves by drastically removing her former signature cleavage. Her nearly perfect hour-glass shape of a year ago is now a flat chested and pear-shape in 2011. It's sad. She was so adorable a year ago. Why she decided to make herself less attractive is really curious.

  • simplydiffer

    And people care about her because...?

  • frankiet

    Liked "The Hills" version of Audrina much much better. It's sad. She was unique and one of the world's bikini queens. Now pretty ordinary. Audrina the bikini queen is dead! Long live the queen!

  • David Fraser
  • jennyst

    Audrina doesn't really "rock" a bikini since she lost her boobs. She more like "slowdances" a bikini. She used to be a rarity, slender but curvy, one of the hottest girls on the beach! Now she's plain and unimpressive. [img][/img]

  • You know
    You know

    Maybe she's down there getting her tits redone, because that's obvious where she got them done to begin with.

  • Christine F
    Christine F

    her bikini is cute.. but her mom is a well i will let the imagination take over.. i stopped watching her show all because i can not stand her mom..

  • Noah

    Heidi Montag does it better.

  • Kate

    love the bikini :)