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Fueled by a passion for fashion and a sharpie, Clandestine Industries started in Pete Wentz’s basement in 2006 as a DIY project, and has blossomed into a successful brand. The new collection called "The Never Ending Summer" is out now, and you can have your very own item from it!

Celebuzz has teamed up with Clandestine Industries to gift one lucky reader a little piece of Pete Wentz - the Anchor’s Away Tank! What makes this tank even more special is that there are ONLY 100 of them being made!

Here’s how to enter: 'Like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, then leave us a comment telling us what you would wear the Anchor’s Away Tank with.

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, June 28 at 9 AM ET.

Good luck and get commenting!

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  • Sara Gufler
    Sara Gufler

    I would personally like to wear this tank top with my board shorts. I'd have on either my vans, or flip flops, depending on weather or not I'd be skating. My Blink-182 bracelet, Green day necklace, and possibly my anchor ring. I might even wear it to see Black Cards, but we'll see about tickets.

  • Sara Gufler
    Sara Gufler

    I would personally like to wear this tank top with my board shorts. I'd have on either my vans, or flip flops, depending on weather or not I'd be skating. My Blink-182 bracelet, Green day necklace, and possibly my anchor ring. I might even wear it to see Black Cards, but we'll see about tickets.

  • Gitu Moolani
    Gitu Moolani

    i'd wear it with denim high waisted shorts with the tank tucked in,black stockings and black doc martens with my hair french braided to one side:)

  • Faith Santiago
    Faith Santiago

    I would wear it with dark skinny jeans and grey flip flops :)

  • Cynthia

    I'd wear that with high-waisted jean shorts and white wedges and then maybe pair it a red skinny belt and maybe some gold jewelry to go with that nautical theme.

  • sharingasmile

    I would wear this tank with the undeniable swag it would come with, haha. But in all seriousness, I'd wear it with my black skinny jeans, Doc Martin style boots or my CHelsea boots and my leather jacket. Oh, the massive smile on my face would be an apparent accessory, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win something from Clandestine Industries! Twitter: SharingASmile Facebook SharingASmile (I like to share smiles...)

  • Nyviea Rodriguez
    Nyviea Rodriguez

    I'd wear it with black tights and accented silver buttons on the lower bottom some navy blue colored flats along with a beige beret a necklace,silver ring & a leather bracelet.

  • Shari Patzelt
    Shari Patzelt

    I would wear it with my favorite pair of dark skinny jeans, black converse, my infinity ring and the Clandestine Industries 'ships ahoy!' cardigan

  • haleynicolex

    What would I wear it with? Skinny jeans, no shoes, and a smile.. not to mention, there's a blue streak in my hair that it would look quite nice with. (: <3

  • katieflowers

    I'd wear it with my grey skinny jeans, lace up ankle boots and loads of accessories, with my iPod in my ears playing Fall Out Boy (of course!) :D

  • A Marie Imson
    A Marie Imson

    I'd wear it with skinny jeans; a good, comfortable pair of sneaks; and maybe a nice leather jacket. I'd never forget to accessorize the outfit with a big smile on my face. I'd love it forever

  • Hannah Hentcy
    Hannah Hentcy

    I would wear the Anchors Away tank with a red bandeau underneath, my dark jean shorts, and my red TOMS shoes that i had designed to put anchors on them, along with an accent ring, my long chain anchor necklace, and dangly earrings. Also, if I'm in the mood for it i would also wear my dork glasses with my hair tied in a messy bun to the side and a red head band.

  • Emily Irion
    Emily Irion

    i would wear it with my semi-bleached shorts tht go to about the middle of my thigh then my ankle black all-star converses and a swim suit top under it and some nice flit flops with splatter paint on them :) twitter: musicislife1818 facebook: Emily Irion

  • Natalia Huergo
    Natalia Huergo

    I'd wear it with short dark denim shorts, or high-waisted shorts, faux leather boots and some sort of necklace..that would be if it's hot when it's cold i'd wear it with ripped skinnies and high-top Converse :)

  • Casey June
    Casey June

    I would wear the anchors away tank with shorts and my navy blue vans. Keepin' it simple.

  • Stephany Concorso
    Stephany Concorso

    I think i would wear this with my black jeans, blue vans.. and with a grey ore dark blue hoody over it because the netherlands isn't always that shiny (yeah I suck at english i'm sorry) i always have bracelets on so.. yeah bracelets maybe with a little hat on and i think that's it :)

  • Tina

    high waisted jean shorts + brown oxfords + brown messenger bag. to top it off, shades + a sailor hat.

  • Nicole Harpel
    Nicole Harpel

    I'd wear it with a denim skirt, tights and combat boots.

  • hahanichole

    oh and my twitter name is (@hahanichole) jsyk :)

  • Hira Saeed
    Hira Saeed

    I would wear it with black skinny- flare jeans, red nails and matching red court shoes to inject a bit of colour into the outfit. We deserve to be colourful :)

  • Cassandra

    I would wear this with my jeggings and TOMS. If it is a little chilly, I would wear a faux-leather cropped jacket over it

  • Nikki

    I would wear it with ripped shorts and wedges. :) Simple but extremely cute!

  • hahanichole

    I would wear the Anchor’s Away Tank with nice summer shorts and flip flops with my anchor bracelett. Perfect outfit. I need this! You could also pull it off in the winter with a nice cardigan and skinny jeans.

  • master0fdisaster

    I'd wear it ALL the time. I'd say I'd wear it with my cut-off shorts and some white low-top Chucks. I'd throw a red bandana on my head, and call it an outfit. In the colder months, I'd wear it with my favorite pair of skinny jeans, red chucks, and a hoodie (probably one of my many Clan ones).

  • Meghan SanGregory
    Meghan SanGregory

    I adore this tank! And if I could wear it with anything in the world I would wear it with: - Black double button sailor shorts - A small floppy sun hat - A seashell ring (they are AWESOME.) - Red ballet flats - A long beaded necklace - and a horizontally striped sailor bag. To complete the sailor inspired fashion I will buy a boat... Well.. mabey a plastic one :)

  • Jenny Lawson
    Jenny Lawson

    i would wear the shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans, my blue and black zebra stripped looking converse shoes, my blue esso watch and my heart necklace that says LO<3 on it :D

  • katjay

    I would wear it with cutoff denim shorts or skinny jeans, a long necklace, and sandals. It would also be perfect to wear over a bathing suit at the beach. I would have already bought this shirt if it wasn't sold out!

  • jackieleigh

    I love this tank. I would wear it with bright blue shorts, wedges, and some fun gold bangles.

  • Katy

    I would wear it with a high waisted red skirt, a black blazer and black high top converse. :)

  • amemoryortwo

    I'd wear this with short denim shorts or dark colored skinny jeans, my flip flops with anchors on them or either my red or brown converse, and a few bracelets. Plus it would be great with the nautical style purse I'm making right now.

  • Melanie Ragon
    Melanie Ragon

    I'd go with my soccer sweatpants, toe socks, and my delightfully warm zip up DeviantArt hoodie.If I was actually out in public, them sweats for some jeans and put on some flip flops and I'm good to go. Snuggly and comfy all the way.

  • Annie Ransom
    Annie Ransom

    I would wear it with some jean shorts and my converse! I would probably treasure this tank!

  • lolhayley

    i'd wear this tank with short, dark denim shorts or with dark skinny jeans. if i'd wear it with shorts, i'd accompany the outfit with torn leggings. i'd wear my navy sailor-like shoes to make the outfit complete, along with a wrist full of bracelets :) the tank is amazing, if i don't win, i hope more come in stock soon!

  • Cara Knowles
    Cara Knowles

    oh oh and i forgot. some retro ray bans too:)

  • Cara Knowles
    Cara Knowles

    i would wear this beautiful top with some black toms. and either black leggins or jeggins. maybe a baggy topshop cardigan too. with a scarf wrapped up in my hair as the perfect accessorie. a huge ring too!

  • Theresa Hauff
    Theresa Hauff

    would wear it with a self-made skirt in red and my favourite leather boots and in addition to this, I would wear it with my heart and soul.

  • Lindsey Marie Lucy Finch
    Lindsey Marie Lucy Finch

    I would wear this with my dark blue wet seal jeggings, along with a gold bird pendant. Then for shoes I would wear a my black ballet flats and of course with a smile on my face :) twitter (fersureldizzle)

  • angela lazzara
    angela lazzara

    i would wear it with a bright coloured bandeau, my black combat boots and a dark pair of short shorts. perfect for a summer night :) or day!

  • Hannah Mount
    Hannah Mount

    I would wear it ALL THE TIME (as I do any Clan gear) and I would wear it with dark skinny jeans or dark denim shorts and my favorite Victorian style booties and maybe a black knit beanie.

  • diane

    I'd wear it with short shorts and vans shoes + cap! :D

  • Ange

    i'd wear the tank with navy blue crocheted tights, cuffed red satin shorts, and my favorite pair of hiking boots =]

  • Ali Bowman
    Ali Bowman

    I'd wear it with my faded blue jeans, pink and grey Converse hi-tops, my baby pink wayfarer sunglasses and probably some bangles or my charm bracelet! (@Ali_Bowman on Twitter.)

  • Ann Katrin Skierka
    Ann Katrin Skierka

    I’d wear this tank with dark-blue skinny Jeans, studded black boots and a long silver necklace. =)

  • Drake Birkner
    Drake Birkner

    I'd wear it with some cut off jean shorts and probably a thrift store hat, Oh, and some dollar store shoes.

  • Kristin Gates
    Kristin Gates

    I'd wear it with some light grey skinny jeans, navy blue Toms, and i'd especially wear it with love. Sounds like a pretty kick ass outfit to me. :)

  • Paige Selzer
    Paige Selzer

    i'd wear this tank with high waisted shorts, an accent ring, & gladiator sandals. If I go to lollapalooza I would most likely wear it there, especially since Black Cards are playing the first day of lolla!

  • Ellen Whyte
    Ellen Whyte

    I'd wear it with a customized leather jacket, one with spike's and studs, but not too many that it looks too extreme, just enough for a punk edge. I'd add a clock necklace as an accessory, a plain gold one. Then I'd wear weathered blue skinny jeans, and complete the look with suede Doc Martens, with buckles on them. I;d also wear it with pride, and treasure it and keep it safe forever and basically love it forever. :D

  • Kim Mina
    Kim Mina

    I would wear this with pride, with a smile on my face. Together with those, I'd be wearing this with the tune of my favorite song in my head, with the one I love in my heart. :) (twitter: kadpm)

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I would wear this with skinny jeans

  • Mona

    Twitter: teaserette Facebook: teaserette Honestly, I wouldn't wear a skirt. It seems like a pretty long shirt! Instead, I'd put on my nice tights from Topshop with hearts on them and wear my favorite "dandy" shoes. Maybe accessorize with one of my dark blue navy-looking headbands.

  • Paige Wisniewski
    Paige Wisniewski

    Twitter: ragingpaige Facebook: Paige Wisniewski I would wear the Anchors Away Tank with denim shorts and a pair of blue flip flops, along with my anchor bracelet.

  • Dakota Jane Jenner
    Dakota Jane Jenner

    I would wear it with some red high waist short and doc martens. or with some black skinny jeans and red high top coverse

  • Maddy Annibale
    Maddy Annibale

    I would wear my Anchors Away Tank with my navy denim short shorts, cut out tights, doc martens, red bandeau, red sunglasses and my straw fedora when I hit up the Soundwave Revolution festival this year.

  • Bea Dela Cruz
    Bea Dela Cruz

    I'd wear it with red denim shorts with a pair of high cut sneakers, vans or strappy sandals. I'd even throw in feather earrings and lots of braided bracelets!

  • kyska

    I would wear it with pleasure, I would wear it with joy, I would wear it when the sun shines, I would wear for my boy!

  • xenzymes

    I would wear it with high rise navy shorts (i'd tuck the shirt in somewhat) and I would also wear black fishnets and black flats :) if I was going out for dinner or somewhere fancy i'd wear it with a navy or grey cardigan with dark wash skinny jeans and some black pumps

  • Olivia Buckley
    Olivia Buckley

    I'd wear it with pale blue skinny jeans or khaki shorts, navy wedges, and lots of bangles - but I also think it'd look cute with a big knitted cardigan, jeans, boots and a furry hat in the winter.

  • Mercedes Reynolds
    Mercedes Reynolds

    Would wear it with my black skinnies and peep-toe ankle boots <3 and a loose cardigan sweater/whatever over it for cooler days(/months)

  • Krista Rowley
    Krista Rowley

    I would wear this tank with some short denim shorts or some cut up denim capris with some navy blue or gray sandals. Also can't forget an awesome pair of aviators and some braided braclets to go with it. It would be perfect for showing off the tattoos I plan on getting on my shoulders or to wear with my bathing suit when I go to the beach.

  • Ivy Onyechi
    Ivy Onyechi

    I'd wear it with some cuffed dark wash skinny jeans, a cute pair of wedges, and a long necklace.

  • Nicole Kulina
    Nicole Kulina

    I would wear it with my dark dark blue skinny jeans with gold snaps at the bottom, with some ankle-high boots.

  • Alice Favaro
    Alice Favaro

    I'd wear it with my skinny jeans and my grey toms bujcivub

  • Morgan Waldorf
    Morgan Waldorf

    I would wear it with a short pair of shorts and a long necklace with a charm on it. Or with skinny jeans in the winter.

  • Britny Morgan Sanders
    Britny Morgan Sanders

    I would wear this with dark denim jean shorts and gladiator sandals to Warped Tour. I love Clandestine Industries!

  • Maytee Perez
    Maytee Perez

    i would wear it with black skinny jeans and black vans

  • Cassandra Cosenzo
    Cassandra Cosenzo

    i would wear this with (either a really light wash or really dark wash) cut off shorts, and birkenstock sandals. Or I could put this over a bathing suit to walk around in. In the fall, it would look great with jeans and flipflops

  • Charene Isandrewcaseysmrs Koekoek
    Charene Isandrewcaseysmrs Koekoek

    Jeggings... 3/4 sleeve fitted blazer and my Clandestine Industries necklace:D

  • Kelsey Slager
    Kelsey Slager

    i would wear it with a pair of black skinnies and either my toms or my boots. then in the winter it would look perfect with a leather jacket.

  • Rose Pendleton
    Rose Pendleton

    i would wear it with many different things! it's a tank top and doesn't need to be worn with specifics! you can pair it with skirts, overlay dresses, pants, shorts, tights, leggings, everything! paired with accessories for hair, jewelry and more. i'd use it for more than one outfit! and i'm so sad that this tank top sold out because i really wanted one. i'm so obsessed with anchors :(

  • Sarah Koll
    Sarah Koll

    i'd wear it with a white cardigan, some shorts and grey ballerina shoes

  • Lauren

    I would for sure wear that with my new grunge shorts and some toms. I could also wear it with my olive green cargo pants, or a pair of red shorts! So cute!

  • wheat636

    It's a loose billowy top, so I would wear it with frayed cutoff shorts, or with high-waisted denim shorts with the top tucked in, and a colorful pair of sandals or wedges.

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    cut off red denim shorts! this would be perfect to wear for the 4th of july!

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I would wear cute dark denim shorts and red wedges.I love the sailor look!

  • Samantha Bruno
    Samantha Bruno

    I would wear this with black or demin skinny jeans and red heels!

  • milly123

    If I were going to the beach or pool, I would wear my bikini under it with some denim shorts. If the weather was cold, I would wear it with some jeans and cute shoes.

  • Heather Bayless
    Heather Bayless

    Depends where I'm going. To school: To be in dress code,I would have to wear a slacky cover to cover my shoulders, and skinny jeans with closed-toe shoes for all the walking around. My hair would be half-way up. Going out: My hair would be down, and I would where jean shorts with strappy sandals. There will be bracelets on my wrist and I would even buy a long necklace to match if I won.

  • Chelsea

    I would wear this amazing tank with some bright red shorts, my anchor earrings and bracelet, and some bright flats with spikes. Also, I would carry my bright yellow handbag, with my hair in a braided updo to show of the anchor. Thanks!

  • Patricia Malke
    Patricia Malke

    I would wear it with really short jeans shorts or skinny jeans

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    I would wear it to the beach over my bikini!!

  • Angel Wright
    Angel Wright

    Facebook: Angel Wright Twitter: victoriancherub I would wear this amazingly nautical tank with a red mini skirt and navy sandals.

  • Lori

    I would give it to my daughter who would wear it with cargos and hightops...

  • tkkerr

    I'd wear the tank with skinny red jeans, to complete the "anchors away" summer look!

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    Facebook: Cindy A. Twitter: @normawatson Considering it's 105 in the shade... I would pair this tank with a bikini, an ice cold drink and the A/C on full blast.

  • shelbyb

    I would put it over a navy bandeau, wear dark ripped jean shorts and a cute pair of braided sandals :)

  • Elisabeth

    I like Celebuzz on FB and follow on twitter. I would wear it with my skinny jeans and sandals... :)

  • kassie

    i would wear it with everythingggg :)

  • ecaterina29

    like u on facebook and follow u on twitter i live in tank tops so i will probably wear it with jeans or my capri pants:)

  • emorgan223

    Denim mini skirt and black high heels or navy blue, I can't decide!

  • Heather Miller
    Heather Miller

    I would wear it with a tight fabric skirt, to balance out the looseness of the tank. Then a bamboo fedora and simple black sandals. so cute!

  • danielleakame

    i would wear it with black stretch pants and heels for a night out on the town, or it would be perfect for when i go on my cruise! very cute!

  • Nicole Gaff
    Nicole Gaff

    I would probably wear the Anchor's Away tank with a pair of light ripped shorts and some navy combat boots. Plus a couple of bracelets that are woven.

  • Polina Ulanova
    Polina Ulanova

    i would wear jeans skirt, sandals, this tank and my straw. and of course i would wear some accessories like braclets and necklace

  • 'Geoffrey Stafford
    'Geoffrey Stafford

    i would wear it to warped with shorts or skinny jeans my converse or nikes and my fall out boy hat

  • Ola Hać
    Ola Hać

    I would wear it with really short jeans shorts or skinny, short, black skirt.