‘Glee’ Bully Max Adler: Will He Fall for Kurt?

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We’ve seen Max Adler turn from Glee bully to one of the show’s most complex characters, struggling with his sexuality. In real life, the 25-year-old has embraced representing struggling gay youth by joining the It Gets Better campaign and adding his voice to the cause. 

In a new interview, the actor reveals more about his character than ever before — could he be a suicide risk? Will he fall for Kurt?

He tells the Advocate.com about that famous kiss, and his character’s growing story arc.

As for kissing Kurt, he says, “I think it was just curiosity. I can see [him] developing feelings for Kurt in the future, and there could possibly be a love story there, because that’s certainly not out of the cards. But at that point, Kurt was the only person he’s ever known who’s actually gay and out, so he just needed to see what it would feel like — what a man’s lips feel like and taste like. It was a curiosity kiss, and we’ll see if anything develops from that.”

When it comes to his characters “type,” he’s a bit taken back, but thinks he knows what kind of man Dave Karofsky might go for. “This is a horrible question,” he says with a laugh. I don’t know. I don’t know if he has a type, but it’s probably not a jock. I’d say that Dave is attracted to someone who’s more compassionate and tender. How do I put this? Dave would probably be the ‘guy’ in the relationship between him and another guy. He would want a guy with a more effeminate, motherly quality.”

He does admit that he was nervous about the kiss episode, but the positive feedback was so overwhelming that he knew he had to get further involved. “I thought it could have this major impact,” he explains, “but I didn’t know whether it would be positive or negative. I thought it was important, but it’s a very risky thing to have play out on prime-time TV, so I didn’t know if people would lash out against me, the character, the writers, whatever. Once it aired, the response I got was 100% positive. I had a smile on my face the whole day. That’s when people started coming up to me, asking for autographs, pictures, shaking my hand, telling me, ‘Thank you for doing this,’ ‘You’re representing me,’ ‘You’re representing someone I know.’ I knew from that point that there are eyeballs on this story line, and it’s my job to be honest with what’s on the page and to represent the feelings and struggles that people are really going through. As entertaining as the show is, and as fun as the job is, there’s a heavy, serious element for me in representing the gay community. It’s been incredible.

As for the dark subject of gay teen suicide, he says, “I always thought that he was at least contemplating the idea, getting close to suicide, which would be very real.”

There was even a rumor that his character would kill himself at the end of the season. “Once that rumor started going around, Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] said that it was discussed it the writers’ room, but they didn’t think that’s where they were going to end up taking Karofsky,” Max reveals. “I think fans can rest easy. That would be a big downer of an episode for Glee. But anything could happen.”

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