Matthew Morrison’s Story Spoofed by Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

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Before Glee, there was Flee and Plea! In a hilarious new video courtesy of Funny or Die, Matthew Morrison (with the help of Gossip Girl guy Chace Crawford) tracks his journey that led him to play the beloved role of Glee club teacher Will Schuester. 

The hilarious spoof shows nice guy Matthew struggling with landing a role in Hollywood, especially when he auditioned for Pulp fiction. However, there were a few singing shows he managed but they never took off. “I promise you ‘Pleaks’ out there a DVD box set is on its way,” Matthew said giving the camera a thumbs-up!

Next up on Matt’s fictional acting reel is Flee. Sopranos star Jamie Lynn-Sigler said of the prison program, “The show had some problems. They often broke out in song but no one ever broke out of jail.”

This Funny or Die video is sort of a spoof of another video Matthew did that actually tracked his journey to success. In that video, he reveals to fans how he has gotten to where he is now, discusses his past and how Glee came about. The inspirational video also highlights the importance of keeping your good friends around.

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