Penn Badgley Lands Jeff Buckley Role, But He Didn’t Beat Out Robert Pattinson

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No blogs can seem to get on the same page regarding the Robert Pattinson vs. Penn Badgley nonsense over a Jeff Buckley role. The thing that keeps tripping people up is that there are two Jeff Buckley movies.

It’s okay, we were confused in the beginning too. First off, Penn did not beat Rob out for a part in the Jake Scott biopic, but he did land the role of Buckley in a different film.

Here’s the scoop:

Smuggler Films confirmed late Monday that Penn will be the lead in Greetings from Tim Buckley (directed by Daniel Algrant) which the Gossip Girl star is thrilled about. As are we! This is different than Jake Scott’s- who directed Welcome to the Rileys- film.

The one Pattinson initially expressed interest in was Jake’s, and they only had preliminary  meetings about the possible casting. Producer Orion Williams told the Los Angeles Times last week that Penn did not beat out Rob for the role, nor did Rob get the role, but that they were currently leaning towards casting an unknown for the role of Jeff Buckley.

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