Pregnant Selma Blair Hugs It Out With UPS Driver After Car Accident (PHOTOS)

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Celebs aren't hiding their bellies at all!
Pregnant Selma Blair had another kind of bump today – with her car!

The actress got into a fender bender with a UPS truck on Tuesday while heading to an appointment at a home birthing office. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and she even ended up hugging it out with the other driver. *whew* She did manage to do some damage to her car, however. After calmly exchanging numbers and a quick hug, both Selma (who is wearing Theodora & Callum espadrilles) and the UPS driver headed their separate ways.  

The expectant actress certainly hasn’t let her baby on board slow her down.

Celebuzz has carefully been monitoring the growth of the 37-year-old actresses’ bump and we must say, it was looking the largest we’ve ever seen it as she headed to pilates on Tuesday afternoon. Could she be the next Hollywood actress to give birth?

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