Vincent Piazza: Who Is Ashlee Simpson’s New Man?

Vincent and Ashlee's PDA
The new couple kisses and cuddles in NYC
Vincent Piazza has had no trouble maintaining a solid acting career thus far. However, now that he’s Ashlee Simpson’s new squeeze, he better get ready for a whole lot of public attention.

Since he’s dating a well-known Hollywood starlet and will surely have the media looking to find out more about the new couple, Celebuzz is here to give you a bit of a glimpse into who Piazza is, what he’s done and why his face might look very familiar to you.

What’s His Deal With Ashlee? Neither have spoken about their couple status, but judging from the set of photos of them kissing and walking around New York City, Ashlee and Vincent seem to be an item for sure. And despite reports that Ashlee and Pete Wentz might be trying to work things out prior to officially divorcing, that seems to be shelved.

What Has He Been In? Piazza has had a somewhat lengthy acting career, and though his age isn’t published on his IMDB bio or wikipedia page, the actor got his start in 2006 with roles in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the film Stephanie Daley. That same year, he made his HBO debut on The Sopranos as Hernan O’Brien — and he’d later find HBO as his acting home.

Cut to one year later, and he had a recurring role in the hit Rescue Me, where he played Tony during the show’s 2007 season. Watch the Stephanie Daley trailer below:

What’s He In Now? Nowadays, he can be seen as a major character on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, where he plays mob kingpin (and sneaky mom romancer) Lucky Luciano.

Did He Always Want to Be an Actor? Acting wasn’t even the first career choice for Piazza, as according to his IMDB bio, he was on his way to becoming a professional hockey player before injuring his shoulder.

Where’s He From? Piazza was born and raised in Queens, New York.

Watch Piazza discuss his Lucky Luciano role below: