Celeb Gun Show: Fellas Edition -- Zac Efron, Kellan Lutz & More! (PHOTOS)

Beefy Biceps!
Hollywood's Beefy Biceps

With all the recent hype on sexy shirtless stars taking over every magazine cover, television show and big screen, many muscular arms have taken a back seat.

Well this summer its time to focus our attention on some bulging biceps! There’s nothing better then a pair of delicious deltoids to drool over while lying by the pool or hanging at the beach.

So, who are some of our favorites?

Hollywood hunk Kellan Lutz shows off his killer arms, while Hugh Jackman proves to fans that age is only a number. Zac Efron’s definitely not in high school anymore, but seeing his sexy biceps is still like music to our ears.

We can’t help but wonder what these Hollywood favorites do at the gym?

Is it free weights, or personal trainers? Whatever their tactic may be to maintaining these manly arms—it is definitely working. So if you need some inspiration to kick-start your summer workout, or just want some delicious eye-candy, check out the gallery!

Don't think we forgot about the ladies! Check out some of the best guns in Hollywood below!



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  • mileyismylife

    he is too hot, i love Diego.

  • Reality check
    Reality check

    Are you kidding me with this? This guy shouldn't be include he has zero muscle tone at all

  • Alma

    I'm more into the pizza than him honestly... :P

  • Elina

    Alex Skarsgård is really tall so I don't think he can build that big muscle because it stretches out on him.

  • Aron Crabtree
    Aron Crabtree

    I like his friend more!

  • Joanna


  • Curious

    Where's the beer?

  • Droversgirl

    Hugh Jackman is THE MAN!! He not only has the biceps, he has the looks and personality!! Love, Love, Love him!!!

  • Nik

    Great article. Really well written!

  • nunya


  • Naomi

    There are beefy bods, maybe, but not many beefy biceps!!