Exec Producer Ryan Murphy’s Big Plans for ‘Glee’ Season 3

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Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy shared with The Hollywood Reporter just what Gleeks can expect from season three, and some of his choices are surprising!!!

Celebuzz gives you the bullet points on what the writers and producers have in store for the New Directions’ senior year at William McKinley High School.

  • There has been speculation that Lea Michele and Chris Colfer will be written out of show after next season because their characters are seniors. Ryan says he doesn’t “know for sure what will happen with those characters,” however he does reveal, “We haven’t really made that decision. Some of the characters clearly have academic issues. Like Heather Morris’ Brittany I’m sure gets straight Fs. I would not be shocked to see her flunk. I love her.”
  • Ryan says we can probably expect to meet Rachel Barry’s gay dads this season! He revealed, “I think Lea [Michele] is hilarious. So we’re going to write some big stuff [for her]. I’m really interested in seeing Rachel’s gay dads who we’ve never met. I’ve said that I don’t want to do that. But maybe now is the time to do it. Also, we want to give Chris Colfer a really fun uplifting story line after the heaviness of last year.”
  • As for the tribute episodes that we’ve all come to love (i.e. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears), Ryan tells THR there will only be one of those this year, but who will it be? “It’s somebody who we’ve all been going after for two years begging them to do it and they finally said yes. And it was a really long rights struggle.” As for whether it’s Bruce Springsteen, he coyly answers, “I have to make an announcement with that person. So I have to wait. You might have guessed it, you might have not. I can’t reveal anything. We’re not really having many guest stars and we’re going to do one [tribute episode].”
  • Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is getting a big story arch in season three! “It’s going to be everything. We’ve had Sue taking on the glee club enough times. I think now Sue needs to turn her hatred toward the nation. So I think that’s the idea, and it will also involve Matt [Morrison]’s character…”
  • Ryan also says this season will have less singing and more talking! “I think we’ll probably end up trying to do four [songs per episode], which seems right to me. Last year was a lot of pop music too. And we won’t be doing as much of that this year.” Typically, Glee has six to ten songs per episode.

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