Garrett Hedlund & 'On the Road' Producer Talk "Awesome" Kristen Stewart, Hint at Film's Status

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Any news- no matter how small- is good news regarding On the Road, right? You know, the film starring Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, and Sam Riley.

Garrett and Kristen came out to support Chris Weitz at his premiere for A Better Life Tuesday night at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and while Stewart didn't do any interviews, Celebuzz snagged Garett for a hot second.

Here is what he had to say about the status of the film, and working with pal Kristen.

Hedlund was on the arm of his On the Road producer Rebecca Yeldham, who is also the director of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Garrett has been with her throughout LAFF, and the two played coy when we tried to get the status of the flick.

"You are just going to have to ask the producer I have with me," smiled Garrett, looking at Rebecca.

"Let's see, well the status is we are in post-production, I can't really say much more. Except that [the movie] is awesome," Yeldham replied.

Possibly putting two and two together (since the utterly fantastic film by Weitz A Better Life was done by Summit), we asked if Summit snagged the rights to On the Road, since Hedlund showed his support Tuesday.

"Umm," laughed Garrett again playing coy. "It’s all in discussion," chimed in Rebecca, with a knowing smile. "We haven’t made any decisions yet."

As for working with Kristen, Garrett said the experience was "wonderful."

"She’s a great actress, she's awesome. It was a lot of fun."

"They all love each other. We all love each other," laughed Rebecca. "Hopefully we can tell you all more soon!"

Celebuzz would love if Summit ends up with On the Road! But what do you readers think? Tweet, Facebook, and let us know in the comments.

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  • PIerrette

    I don't usually read much gossip stories or read comments , but I had some free time so I was catching up ..... Boy that was a mistake ... I knew that there immature people in the world but WOW! They are all over the internet , I have never seen so much hatred toward anyone as much as people have towards the whole twilight crew , specifically Kristen stewart and robert pattinson, I have one question .. What did they ever do to you people personally ? I really would like to know . They are just actors trying to do their jobs the best they can , but there is all this hatred on the Internet towards them .. It is a shame ! I'm not a fan of anything in particular just a movie fan , but I can't wait for this whole twilight thing to be over and maybe all these children will find someone new to torture on the Internet blogs and these actors will continue to make movies that real moviegoers can enjoy... And hopefully have some peace from all this crap that goes online ...

  • P

    Actually all of you guys are stupid ..... Totally off topic it started out well after the 2nd comment, it turned into total crap!!!! The worst part is they commenting on a movie they are not old enough to see .... Hilarious!!!

  • Jen

    Worst argument ever.

  • Brenda

    I think she is " playing the hollywood game" just to supprt Chris, she has supported other friends too that aren't Summit related. I was at that premiere last night, and Chris was so kind, I can see how he has loyal friends :)

  • Hogwash

    Kristen plays the Hollywood game and pretends not to but Summit paid her to be there to get publicity for Chris Weitz's movie. Same with Taylor and it's a win-win because it's PR for Breaking Dawn. The picture of Chris hugging her is hysterically funny because he's all happy to see her and she just stands there with her arm hanging down like the cold fish she it. That arm is useless unless she's flipping the bird. As for OTR, all the X rated stuff is scaring distributors. No wonder it can't get a release date. They know her fanbase is made up of young teen girls and they can't go to R rated movies. Probably one reason her last 3 indies have been massive bombs. The general public is not interested in her as an actress, they've proved that by staying away from her films.

  • tanker

    NO NO NO NO NO!!! NOT SCUMMIT!!! Please not them...they'll screw it up like they do everything else!

  • Noah

    I feel like I missed some lesson in English class that discussed how to speak Twi-hard, Rob-tard and Stew-bot ... I seriously have no idea what any of you are talking about.

  • alize

    You're both idiots! You are no better than laura with your Rob and BA insults. Leave Rob/Kristen alone and go clean your mouth from all the bitterness.

  • downwithdumb

    Bahahahahahaha You want to talk age when you refer to Kristen Stewart as Bella. I'm over 25 unlike yourself. Enough showing the dumb Robtards for what they are today. Until the next act of dumbness. Bahahahahahahaha

  • nikki

    oh man.. the leaks! Hadn't thought of that! Good point!

  • laura

    but I have to agree with you; Rob IS a terrible actor, while Kristen is soooooooooooo talented and amazing, that's why she DIDN'T get a Razzie nomination, but DID get an Oscar nom for her exceptional performance in 'Welcome to the Rileys"! Oh wait......

  • laura

    guuuuuuurlll.... your age shows even more, LOL! Pathetic little teenage girl!

  • Sam

    ugh! that explains the OTR leaks... But I can't wait for the sh!tty promo posters, the BD trailer before OTR, the fading to black (they'll edit the shit out of it & you know it), etc. #Sarcasm

  • laura

    Laura first??? What are you, FIVE??? I make a comment about OTR -that you don't like- and your reply is... Bel Ami is worse??? Really? That's your argument? And I initisiated this? Girl, you're not more than 15 are you?

  • nikki

    they're obviously in talks with Summit; this explains why Hedlund was there and why he's everywhere all of the sudden. Summit is pushing their new golden boy. I didn't expect this from Kristen though, she;s supposed to be un-Hollywood..why is she playing this hollywood game :/

  • downwithdumb

    Bahahahahaha I do pray Bel Ami comes this year so Roberto can get a triple Razzie score for worst. The double last year was just icing. Keep believing he's a superstar and that your Edward pillow will come alive. Bahahahahahahahahahaha

  • downwithdumb

    Laura first. I was her to comment about something else but the Robtards beat me.

  • laura

    "but it has no release dates or festival invites" btw, neither does On the Road! But.... it does have Summit's interest and Hedlund huuuuuuuuge talent of a$$ kissing, so yeah, it's in a better place that Bel ami!

  • laura

    yeah... you're right... and then Kristen will get an Oscar and wake up!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!! *bummer*

  • kiki

    how about laura and downwithdumb go off and get a room somewhere. stop trashing rob and kristen for no reason.

  • LK

    Summit will ruin this...sigh... this movie has so much potential.

  • downwithdumb

    Bahahahahaha but it has no release dates or festival invites. Methinks it sucks. We'll be watching On the Road in a theater while you fap with your Bel Ami dvd at home. It's a stinker. Bahahahahahahaha

  • laura

    FYI, little dumb Krisbian, Bel Ami was sold last year, in Cannes, based on a 5 minute clip, in every country in the world, except USA (& Spain); what does that say about USA distribution??? That IF that one doesn't happen, the rest of the planet doesn't matter! So... if Summit doesn't save "bella's" little indie movie, no1 else f*cking will, cause no1 else f*cking cares!!!

  • nina

    cause you know, that would burst the cirgin Bella bubble right?!

  • downwithdumb

    Bahahahahahahaha On the Road sold every country based on a six minute clip and can afford to be picky. Maybe Scummit can buy Bel Ami. It's done and no one wants it. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Taryn Ryder
    Taryn Ryder

    I actually think it would be good if it happened...They will market it and make it not "the kristen stewart gets naked" movie

  • laura

    bahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!! This film was overlooked in Cannes, no1 -of the important studios- cared enough to get it & sits on Summit's lap????? Oh man, this is too good, too facking good!!!

  • Ew

    Hell to the f*ck to the no to Summit having the rights to OtR. They already treat Kristen like sh*t, why would we want them to have control of another movie she does?

  • me


  • yashi1387

    seriously not liking summit having rights to this movie , i seriously want Kristen away from summit as soonas the twi saga is over

  • etta

    Thank you! Finally someone asking real questions and not just gossip. get what we really want to read about so I thank you.