George Clooney's Many Women (PHOTOS)

One of Hollywood's most infamous bachelors, George Clooney, recently announced his split from long-time (well, long for him) girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. The sexy Elisabetta isn't the only girl to have her heart broken by the handsome ladies' man – Celebuzz has gathered up the many women of George's past for a trip down memory lane.

Remember Sarah Larson, the Las Vegas cocktail waitress that George plucked from obscurity -- who even braved a busted foot following a motorcycle accident she and George got into? Or want to meet the only woman who has yet to call George her husband?

Check out the full gallery of George's most famous conquests and sound off in the comments: Who do you think George should pursue next?



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  • Jasmine

    LOL YEAH! HURRICANE KELLEN LOL GOOD ONE.I'VE GOT ONE TOO!Who needs Osama Bin Laden when Osama Bin Kellen is performing acts of tirsorerm on my clitoris! LOLOLOLOL FORGET 9/11. I already forgot! LOLOLOL* HIGH FIVE *

  • Nancy

    He sure has been with his share of women. I used to ike George Clooney when I was a teenager watching ER, but as time went on, I started finding his attitude as a playboy at that age very unattractive.

  • Tony Gentile
  • JimVB

    George, dude, Lisa Snowden, wtf, brah?

  • Niamh

    She looks like a barbie ... and not in a good way.

  • Noah

    And we have a winner.

  • Noah

    Whoa, what happened here, George?

  • Noah

    There are so many things wrong with this photo.