Jen Aniston Has a Sheer Skirt Moment in NYC (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston has showed her glamorous side hundreds of times, so her ultra-casual look as she hit the streets of New York City on Tuesday evening was pretty refreshing.

Rocking a sheer white skirt that left little to the imagination (without being too racy), Aniston pounded the pavement in a pair of flat sandals and a tank top. With a bag draped across her body, Jen seemed to be in full NYC pedestrian mode.

Recently, all eyes have been on Aniston's personal life, as reports of her romantic ties to Justin Theroux have set off the rumor mill. New claims say Theroux has moved in with Aniston, and that he had a girlfriend of 14 years who moved out of their house, possibly because of Aniston.

Aniston and Theroux were most recently spotted together hanging out at a 2011 MTV Movie Awards after-party.



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  • deeee

    two woman, beautiful and rich, all married women and girlfriends have to watch out for..Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston....lololol

  • deeee

    My goodness I thought this was Barbara Streissand for a minute. I don't understand why she still goes after guys younger than she is. This is all heartbreak Hotel. When will she realize that those kind of relationships don't last...they want her money. This guy she is going with now has nothing , but a 14 year old relationship behind him. It's ok to date him but wearing the same rings? he must laugh behind her back....

  • cowbulls

    I think it is going to be hilarious when the "tell all" story finally comes out about her wicked ways. She may be the most active "prostitute" (she exchanged sex for movie and TV parts, good lines) in the sorted history of Hollywood.

  • sassie

    For someone who says she doesn't like the spotlight, Jennifer A. must not mind it too much or she would have on a bra that doesn't show her nipples and not wear sheer skirts; not saying she doesn't have a good body, but she mentions she doesn't like the paps a lot; when you dress like that, what does she expect! She has kept herself in excellent shape; just sayin . . . .

  • julie

    Her age is showing now, she should not have the eternal girlfriend roles anymore. Move on to another level of your career sweetheart, it's time.

  • Jennifer Payne
    Jennifer Payne

    r u serious? bet $ your mom doesnt look half this good!

  • Jennifer Payne
    Jennifer Payne

    shes beautiful! like a fine wine, she only gets better with time. angelina skank jolie doesnt have shit on her:)

  • eatmeavril

    she has some really puffy nips...i mean she ALWAYS highbeamin'

  • Noah

    She looks like an angry mom who refuses to age gracefully.

  • :o

    Oh gosh. LOL.

  • iris14

    sexyyyyyyy jen