Jon Hamm’s Sexy Suit Style Showdown: Light vs. Dark (POLL)

Jon Hamm can pretty much wear anything and look sexy, but we can’t help but notice the stark contrast between his last two looks.

On Monday afternoon, the sexy Mad Men star was seen wearing a slick summer suit at the Critic’s Choice TV awards in LA, but now he was sporting the opposite (literally), as he wore a dark suit at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon.

Now we have to ask, which suit makes Jon look more handsome? Keeping things light and fresh? Or do you like him crossing over to the dark side?

We like the evening look of the dark suit, but we also are partial to the summer look of his cream colored suit.

We’d be here all night trying to make up our minds, so we wanted to give our readers an opportunity to choose for themselves.

So what do you guys think? Cast your vote in the poll for which look you think suits (no pun intended) Jon better!