Selena Gomez Gives Miami a Taste of ‘Monte Carlo’ (PHOTOS)

Biebs & Selgo Beach PDA
Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber get close in Hawaii.
The warmth and sands of Miami were at Selena Gomez’s fingertips on Tuesday, but instead of lounging on the beach or engaging in another PDA-fest with her man, Selena was hard at work.

In another stop on her ongoing press tour, Selena hit up Miami International Mall on Tuesday to perform and promote her new movie, Monte Carlo. The theme of the tour seems to be casual and comfortable, as Selena has ditched all of the her normal stage gear (See: Dresses and other fancy outfits) for street clothes. A gray tanktop and a pair of jeans was all she needed to get the Miami crowd riled up.

Selena even engaged in a bit of a Q&A session with her fans, and she was impressed with some of the offerings. On Twitter, she said: “Thanks for everyone who showed up tonight. Y’all had some great questions.”
Monte Carlo, which opens July 1, stars Gomez alongside Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy and Cory Monteith as they journey across Europe. Check out the trailer below:

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