‘True Blood’ After-Party Shows Its Fangs (PHOTOS)

Obsessed: Ryan Kwanten
CB's exclusive chat with the 'Blood' hottie.
As if True Blood coming back wasn’t exciting enough, the stars have told Celebuzz how happy they are about the new season.

Tuesday night, Alexander Skarsgard (solo), Stephen Moyer and wife Anna Paquin (glued at the adorable hip) and Ryan Kwanten (so hot, so talented) made a splash in Hollywood.

Alex was happier than ever to pose with fans inside “Fangtasia,” the True Blood after-party Tuesday in Hollywood. Alex never flinched at an adoring fan, and chatted with Kwanten and fellow ab-throb Joe Manganiello, who was accompanied by his gorgeous fiance.

Anna and Stephen couldn’t stop gushing at each other the whole night, while Joe did the same to his number one babe, dressed to kill in a gold Max Mara dress.

Despite all the women on the prowl for Alex, he was simply a gentleman, obliging many pictures with adoring girls but chatting with guy friends, mostly.

It’s hard to find a cast as down to earth, cool, and fun as the True Blood folks so trust us, it’s worth your while to tune into HBO June 26 at 9pm.