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At one time, Lindsay Lohan was known for her great potential as a gifted actress, but after an ongoing string of legal troubles all while battling trouble with drugs and alcohol, she is now known for something entirely different.

News broke on Wednesday evening that Lindsay had failed an alcohol test after being put on house arrest for the alleged theft of a necklace back in January. The failed alcohol test was found not to be a violation of her probation, and the starlet was ordered to continue and finish out her house arrest stay.

Since Lindsay’s troubles have not ceased, Celebuzz caught with addiction specialist Pax Prentiss, who founded the Passages rehab center after battling his own addictions. We spoke with him about what treatment would be best for Lindsay, whether or not he thinks this is her last shot, and much more.

The issue of alcohol abuse is obviously a reoccurring issue with Lindsay, and now that she failed this alcohol test, what would you recommend for her? Do you jail would benefit her, or should she seek treatment? What is the proper solution?
Lindsay has not received proper treatment since all of these problems started occurring.  The rehab centers that she has been to does not do enough individual therapy and so the underlying conditions which are causing her to use have not been resolved.  Jail will not help heal her, she needs to check into passages where she can get a lot of individual therapy and stay there for three months, anything short of that and I believe that she will keep relapsing.

Why do you think that she has come out to the press and has said, in so many words, that she’s using anymore while she obviously still is. Why do you think that she is essentially just lying to our faces about this?  Is she just in total denial?
I don’t believe Lindsay is in denial over circumstances but she is trying to save face by telling people that she is ok.

When there is so much evidence to the contrary, it seems hard to understand why she would say these things. Does feel like she is above all this because she keeps getting away with things?
She has deep underlying psychological pain that needs to be addressed.  It’s not that she thinks she is above it or that she can get away with it, it’s that she is being driven to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with her problems.  I believe that there are problems within her family, with her dad primarily. I think there are family issues that need to be resolved.  I am sure that there were a lot of stressors that were put on her at a young age because she was a childhood star, but there is an underlying issue that is driving her and it needs to be resolved.  Like when she went to Betty Ford she just sat in group meetings and Lindsay being a very private person and being a public figure is not going to reveal her problems sitting in group meetings and when she goes to jail she is not going to get any treatment.  She is going to get out and repeat what she has already done because those underlying issues are still present, driving her to the drugs and alcohol.

So in your eyes, individual treatment would be best for her?
It’s absolutely essential that she gets individual therapy.  I’m not trying to promote passages here but what we do here is an incredible amount of individual therapy.  Each client receives 70 hours of individual therapy a month with a team of ten therapists.  When you compare that to Betty Ford or Promises where they just do one hour of individual therapy a week, there is no comparison.  What she needs is that ultra, intensive, individual help because in that type of environment she will talk about her problems and then the feeling work can begin.  Where right now, there is just no healing that’s happening and going to jail; consequences do not stop people from using drugs and alcohol.  You can see that clearly with Lindsay.  She will get out of jail, she will go back to using.  She will get out of rehab, she will go back to using.  That’s because the underline conditions are still present and until those are healed she will just continue to relapse time and time again.

Is it up to the court what rehab she goes to? If they were to sentence her with mandatory rehab as opposed to going back to jail, can she choose whichever one she wants to go to?  You were saying with Betty Ford that’s not much help so can the court choose for her which rehab she has to go to?
A court can choose which rehab she can go to or she can choose one herself and if the court signs off on it she can check into that treatment program.  I can tell you the places she has been offers no real therapy.  Group meetings are very old and outdated models that came around 40-50 years ago, Betty Ford uses that model, even Promises Malibu uses that model, but the problem is that when you get someone like a public figure who is sitting in a group meeting, they are not going to talk up because they are not only embarrassed but they are afraid it is going to be leaked to the press.  They don’t want their pain or their problems to be leaked to the press.  Lindsay needs a different approach.  Jail is not the right approach, the places where she has been is not the right approach she needs something new.  Until that happens, she is going to continue to relapse.  The pain of her problems is greater than the pain of jail that’s why she goes to drugs for relief from the pain of her problems.

Do you think that this is essentially her last shot?
I believe Lindsay is going to relapse and end up back in a treatment center or jail again.  I don’t think it’s the last shot, I think she has got a ways to go.  I think you are going to see this continue on until it’s the right type of treatment.