Justin Bieber Gives Letterman’s Top 10 List (VIDEO)

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Who knows Justin Bieber better than Justin Bieber?!? The teen heartthrob showed up on the Late Show with David Letterman to give the nightly Top 10 List, this evening the theme was “Little-Known Facts About Justin Bieber.”

As Dave counted down, Justin read the No. 3 quip, saying: 

“Last week I accidentally waited in line for my own autograph.”

No. 2 on the list was a little dig toward the late night host himself! The “Baby” singer read:

“My mom had to remind me that he’s not Larry King.”

Justin also used the list to plug his new female fragrance. The No. 10 “fact” read: “My new fragrance ‘Someday’ also makes a delicious low-calorie salad dressing.” 

Our favorite on the list had to be: “As hard as I’ve tried I don’t know how not to be adorable.” What do you think of the Biebs Top 10 list? Sound off in the comments section below!