Kim Kardashian X-Rays Her Butt: It's Real! (VIDEO)

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Kim Kardashian has back...and it's all natural baby! Kim's famous booty was the speculation of some bored blogs that her butt was totally fake.

In Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Khloe go on a mission to prove that isn't the case.

"Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray. Kim’s ass is 100% real!!" Khloe blogged Thursday along with the photo of Kim and the X-ray above.

Here is a preview of the hilarity that is in store! Be sure to watch KUWTK Sunday's at 10pm on E!.

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  • Rachel

    Please come and visit Bolton in England with the rest of the kardashians

  • Rachel

    Please don't let me down, all you need to do is send one thing! Right now I'm excited and scared everyday I'm gonna check on the I pad to see if you have replied if you love me to please reply I'm a girl getting her heart broken thinking you won't reply!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    Please reply I'm begging!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    Hi, I watch your show like everyday I believe you about the x-ray since I saw the programme of her having it. You and all your sisters are the prettiest girls I have ever seen in my life. Are you still trying for a baby? Because you will be a wonderful mum. I saw the one one where Raggie kept you up all night. Your an amazing women and I really hope to see you one day. Your my inspiration! Luv u loads! Please reply back khloe because it will mean the world to me. PLEASE!

  • Erika

    No, I don't belive in Kim's bs and also I know she didn't get plastic, but I belive she does with injection buttocks which was won't show her buttock in xray. I notice her buttock seem gain and not correct shape in her ugly ass like not normal. I bet she want to her ass into booty like black u know anyway let her talk and talk abt her real ass and prove she have nothing to get something with her ass but she talk still bullshit and won't admit.

  • Shiju

    Take the sleeves off, fix the weird boob panel thing going on and nachge the awful cheap looking fabric and I might give it a go. But as it is, it's pretty terrible.Also, Twilight: Glitter Vampires Who Done28099t Fuck. Tee hee.Here here! I concur. Vampires are all about blood, sex and violence. Or some combination thereof. It's like Meyer stripped them of everything that makes vampires sexy and alluring and it's SAD. Spike would rip through them like tissue paper.

  • Naurii

    After I originally cemmonted I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you'll be able to remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • Ranai

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  • Nick

    I don't understand why plopee care so much. It seems like everyone is hell bent on making fun of her and bitching about her wedding, but when it comes down to it, she's happy, he's happy, and they are celebrating a new beginning in their lives. Why ruin it?

  • James

    well you need surgery for that. Kim Kardashian's ass is supeospvly natural , which i guess is genetic. Though her mom doesn't have a big ass but whatever. Try doing squats, but that's probably the most efficiant results you will get without surgery.

  • Min

    this product has acutally had really negative reviews on multiple medical supported sites. basically its just laxitive and caffine. which is a horrible combination for anyone to take no matter your chemical balance or body type.

  • someone who is annoyed
    someone who is annoyed

    you guys are calling her fake and saying she has low self-esteem shut the fuck up. dont you realize that its because of that she even took an x-ray? online you are continuously saying she got implants and if it was you, you'd sure as hell be tired of lies about you. she didn't get implants yea she showed us so now she has injections. seriously saying it doesn't show up on an x-ray. just shut up and chill out with all that haterade.

  • Corrina

    I honestly don't get it. People said she had ass implants so she proved that she didn't? And now people are moving onto injections a? Ok. If she did have injections how is it going to kill you. Why do you lot even care so much, are you going to die if you found out she did? And then you lot are saying that she's a pig, a spoilt and blah blah blah, but then why do you go through the effort of making comments like that and making the effort to probably GOOGLEING her life. Gheez. Get a life. It's her private life and so what if she made a sex tape, or if she's had plastic surgery, or if she has injections in her ass?! How many people have made a sex tape, or had plastic surgery, of had injections in their ass?! Just because it's Kim Kardashian and you know the name you're hating, because she's a celebrity. Again Gheez. GET. A. LIFE.

  • carla

    Damn man its so sad how a lot of people believe that lying ass fake bitch!! Havint y'all notice that bitch crys for everything she thinks she's the shit eevrything that she don't like she will make a big deal n cry about it she acks like a lil brat like come on kim ur fuckn old already grow the fuck up!! You for sure will never be like jlo ur as fake as ur fake ass u you don't fool me or most of us u got all that fuckn money you for sure got injections on ur ass n stretched out ur face....stupid bitch I like ur sisters but I can't stand you cuz u ack like u run all ur family n u ack like ur just the got butt injections 100% right so yes its real but real fake bitch!! I just wish they could start making new shows with real natural girls on tv..not with fake bitches all da way that claim there natural all da way plz bitch!! In by the way kim ur ass don't fit n goes with ur legs n thighs u look so ugly when u wear tight jeans I don't like how ur ass looks with ur legs looks so deform poor girl..that's why I bet u always wear big clothes over like big shirts or jackets or vest to cover ur fake ugly ass when u wearing jeans..u also wear a lot of dresses cuz it don't show much of ur top legs n ass that looks real the way for the person above me yes ur so right this bitch kim got butt injections so of course its not gonna show implants on the xrays duh.....bitch don't fool us for needs to show real proves of her when she was a younger girl with a big butt becuz no matter if she was little as big as her butt is now its so she would have a big booty even when she was little also there's videos of them when they where little they just never show them all I don't know why but I'm sure that's the reason why becuz she had no ass before n she don't wanna be called out.......

  • anissa

    Well I think she have butt injections just like nicki minaj but the only difference nicki keeps it real she admit I got butt injections and I don't care what any woman does with their body cuz they must didn't like something bout them to have to go thru surgery/injection to change themselves...I love me and I'll never change apart of me so those woman are inspiring me to stay myself...and men love asses majority of them any ways so its a reason why they got them and I have natural big ass and breasts with a perfect coke bottle shape I'm surprise I'm not

  • stacy

    you can not x-ray muscle tissue. you can only x-ray bones. I had to expose the misconception. Kim K. just showed how unintelligent she is. sad that we would rather watch a spoiled unaware lost low self esteem young lady influence other young girls to have low self esteem as well...I pray that she finds enlightement and stops with all the bs

  • Kathy

    Just because she swore it's real does not mean IT'S ACTUALLY REAL! She's beautiful but who wouldn't be with makeup. Have you seen her without? If she didn't have a big ass we would say Kim who! She has gotten her face done as well as her body. She claims everything is real but she also claimed she didn't make a sex tape & we all know how that turned out. How weird that she's the only one with a big ass. Who wouldn't fix their body with all the money she makes, no wonder she did it because if she had her original body she wouldn't have made it this far in Hollywood

  • hahahaha

    wow..ignorant ..especially this dumb statement of yours.. many black girls do not have big asses

  • Mam Angela Mbye
    Mam Angela Mbye

    I don't even get you people. i watched the episode when she had the x-ray done. she swore that she hasn't got any implants whatsoever. people never even thought of the fact that she had fat injection (which she hasn't), because every time she proves something wrong, people think of other crazy ridiculous ideas. you need to stop hating, try putting your self in her shoes how would you feel being put down for something so simple as your fucking ass. jheeze snm.

  • FlamersWTH

    I heard that WHINING helps alot guys...

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty

    Wtf Yuhr Fuckken Stupid Ha iBett Yuhr A Pig.!

  • Karen

    Honestly you need to shut the fuck up. She's the one making her life a public spectacle. No one asked her to xray her ass. She's only adding fuel to the fire. The intelligent among us already knows that an xray would not prove that her ass is fake (pun intended) because she doesn't have implants. She has fat injected into her ass taken from another part of her body.That's why i respect Kourtney, she admits to her plastic surgery, she doesn't try to cover anything up. You'll never hear anyone judging Kourt or talk trash about her cause she keeps it real.Kim on the other hand wants everyone to think that she's all perfect; that all she does is workout and eat right. Bitch get the fuck outta here. People will be satified when she starts admitting that her ass is fake and she's no different from the rest of hollywood. Doing all kinds of procedures to get the perceived "perfect body".

  • nr

    why are you on here dissing nicki minaj??? she's famous for her songs not her ass like really, she didn't get her job because her big ass she got it because she's amazing at what she does! and kim's ass isn't fake that's enought proof

  • Mind Yours
    Mind Yours

    Honestly just SHUT THE FUCK UP, u people are never satisified..she doesnt take the xrays, u guys say its fake..she NOW takes xray and u guys still say its fake ANDDD say that shes not confident enough ...wtfff shut up get a life worry about your own shit...would u like it if someone was judging you so damm much, shitt growwwww the fuck up!!!!

  • casi

    no shes not!!!

  • keira

    she's a fake!!! i have a big butt and i don't like it coz it's hard to fit into a jeans.. jeans needs to be stretchable or else i'll end up buying one size bigger than my regular jean size. nway, when i lose weight the fats in my butt or should we say my butt became a bit smaller (which i really really like). my point is, kim kardashian been losing a lot of weight as of late, so i wonder why her butt still looks same size or got bigger!!! that's really fake. and yeah, fat injections won't show in the xray!!! who the hell are they fooling! jezzzz!!!

  • Yeah I said IT
    Yeah I said IT

    lol... who gets implants... it is all about injections... kim your mom nor grandma has a butt, stop the silliness you paid for the injections like tons of other women.. say coco... those the most annoying girl ever.. and why do they talk like they are 14 y/o old and can't quite close their mouth to form a word properly.... too funny how ppl hate blacks yet can't stop running after black men and can't stop getting plastic surgery to have black women's features...

  • Barbie Sam Barry
    Barbie Sam Barry

    umm KATIE!! its called GROWING UP!!! the body you had when your a teen!! isnt gunna be the same forever.. i mean like come on!! shes 30 years old. . and your talking abt when she was a teen!! your so fucking stoopid.. i bet your just mad cuz you dont have a butt like hers..! :)

  • Noah

    Is anyone else hungry for honey-baked ham? I know I am. [img][/img]

  • danielleakame

    bwhahahah why would anyone want her butt in the first place, it is gross. and no i didnt drink haterade, it is huge and icky. i would sue someone if they gave this to me. and i agree, fat injections wouldnt show. it is totally fake, so ha good job turning your butt into saddle bags!

  • Relly

    she says who in there right mind would get butt implants, well nicki minaj did..... I don't believe its her reall a$$ either, because people who have real assets, don't spend all there time flaunting it or trying to prove themselves. Her and nicki are only famous for a$$ shots... how much work has she had done anyway??? & she's only 30, smh..

  • reggie

    she's a pig. who cares?!

  • Ala

    That's ridiculous. It shows how insecure she is about herself. No need to prove the world whether your butt's real or fake if you're confident ... especially when the world couldn't care less

  • Zully

    X-ray will show it's natural cause it's not an implant it's u r own fat injected in your butt. look up Ninel conde, chinquirinquira Delgado all these woman before and after pics huge diff but they all denie it. Every person can do what they pls to there body as long as there happy at the end :-) beautiful woman who gets some nip n tuck no big deal pips will talk no matter what....if u r happy with u r body why bother proving people wrong ;-)

  • Annette

    Don't get me wrong I lv kk but let's keep it real they lipo fat from u r waist and back and inject it in your butt small insecion on side of butt or bottom of glutts many Mexican actresses get this done all the time and denie it as well

  • kaybossky

    her butt is really nice;she's a lucky one

  • Katie

    I still don't believe that her butt is real. Look at pictures from when she was a TEEN. She had a pancake butt.