Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail But Can Her Career Still Be Saved?

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Once one of Hollywood’s most promising young stars, Lindsay Lohan has fallen from grace in recent years due to her struggles with addiction and frequent run-ins with the law. LiLo’s destructive cycle of hard partying, stints in rehab and legal troubles has left disheartened fans all over the world wondering, will Lindsay ever be able to make a comeback?

Lindsay was ordered to appear in court this morning after she reportedly failed an alcohol test just days after throwing a much-publicized Memorial Day party at her home in LA while on house arrest. Although many expected the star to be sentenced to return to rehab or even face jail time, the court ruled that Lindsay had not violated the terms of her probation, but was guilty of exercising “very poor judgment.”

Celebuzz spoke with branding expert Dan Schawbel about the chances of LiLo’s long-await comeback.  Schawbel talked about the dim prospects for the troubled star, commenting:

The popularization of Lindsay Lohan in the past few years has been a Hollywood travesty. She gets covered in the media more for her crazy antics than she does for her TV and movie appearances. She will never be able to make a legitimate comeback because she’s lost a good portion of her fan base. The public doesn’t trust her, and she can no longer be a role model for the generation that used to worship her.

Schawbel notes that Lindsay’s fans no longer see her drug use and irresponsible behavior as a surprise, instead taking it for granted. With her many mistakes and missteps now so deeply a part of her image, it’d be very difficult for LiLo to change the way she is viewed. He says:

I do believe any celebrity can recover and we’ve seen that with celebrities such as that celebrity  such as Tiger Woods, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.What’s unfortunate is that Lindsay doesn’t have much support around her, which is making it harder for her to recover. If she wants to re-brand herself, then she should be committed to seeking long-term help.

Hopefully this most recent slip-up will be the last for Lindsay, but it seems like the chances are slim.

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