Mommy’s Mini-Me! Kelly Rutherford Steps Out with Lookalike Daughter (PHOTOS)

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Seeing double? Kelly Rutherford and her adorable daughter are a perfect pair as they take to the streets in New York City.

The Hollywood mom was out with her lookalike daughter Helena, both blondes dressed alike in all white with tan sandals. Her son Hermes was also along for the ride, literally, as he was pushed in a stroller by a nanny. The good looking group was out for a bite to eat as they had breakfast in the city.

Although her kids are still quite young, it seems Kelly is ready for their rebellious phase.

The actress famously defended her former costar Taylor Momsen’s eyebrow-raising behavior, telling HollywoodLife

“She’s intelligent and she’s beautiful and it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is for her, to be doing what she’s doing especially at her age and with her talent … I think she’s young and is exploring her world and she’s exploring being an artist. I think it’s important to be fully expressed.”

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