Why Fans Can’t Wait to Watch ‘The Help’ with Emma Stone (VIDEO)

Emma Stone in High School!
Check out Emma during her teen years!
Amazing Emma!
Andrew & Emma film 'The Amazing Spider-Man'
There are some stories that really hit home, and the New York Times best-selling phenomenon, The Help is one of them.

The best-selling book has been turned into a movie with the delightful Emma Stone (who we love!). Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard and Octavia Spencer round out the cast in the Tate Taylor-directed film. What makes this book tug at the heartstrings? The plot follows three very different women in Mississippi during the 1960s who develop a loving friendship while working on a secret writing project, breaking societal rules of the time.  

“They start an expose of sorts, with all the maids of Jackson, Mississippi,” Emma explains.

Check out the video to go behind-the scenes of this touching story — plus hear the new Mary J. Blige song featured in the film. 

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