10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake (PHOTOS)

Justin & Mila PSA
Justin & Mila's New PSA on 'Friends With Benefits'
Justin Timberlake works out his funny bone this summer as he stars in not one, but two comedies. First up for Justin, is teaming up with his ex-squeeze Cameron Diaz and How I Met Your Mother star, Jason Segel, for the raunchy comedy, Bad Teacher out in theaters this weekend!

To celebrate, we’ve compiled an assortment of facts that would amaze even some of the more rabid JT fans.  Sure, every fan knows of his affiliation with Disney and of his heartbreaking loss as Justin Randall on Star Search but did you know of Justin’s nightly routine that drew a collective ‘awww’ from us?  Or which European songstress can count Justin as one of her fans?  Check out the gallery to find the answers and many more interesting quirks from the SexyBack singer!

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