Double Take! Brad Pitt & His Double Gear Up for ‘World War Z’ Scene (PHOTO)

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Brad Pitt works with his doppelganger! The actor and his double prepared to shoot scenes for the new zombie movie World War Z in La Valletta, Malta on Friday, June 24.  

When you look closely, the two don’t resemble each other too much but it does cause a double take! Both men are sporting some scruff and are decked out in thin gray scarves and khaki pants. Which cute dude do you prefer: Brad or his double? Share your thoughts in the comments.

According to IMDB, the movie is set “ten years after the human victory over the world wide Zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z. Max Brooks (Pitt) scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived the conflict that almost eradicated humanity.”

On Wednesday, Brad took a break between filming scenes, giving his family a behind-the-scenes tour. He held Zahara’s hand tightly, as they explored the set and chatted with the movie crew. Check out the pics below!

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