‘Cars 2′ Producer Denise Ream Talks New Characters & the Filming Process

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The cast of Cars 2 came out this weekend and Celebuzz was there to give you all the inside scoop! The talented cast shared with us everything and more about this incredible Pixar film.

This time around Cars takes a whole different spin and adds a spy twist into the plot. The incredible Michael Caine joins the cast and plays the car of Finn McMissile a new character who is the British master spy.

Celebuzz got the chance to sit down with the phenomenal producer Denise Ream and discuss all things Cars 2!

You have produced an eclectic set of movies from Star Wars, Harry Potter to Mission Impossible 3. What has it been like working and being a part of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies?
I have had a great time on all the movies I have worked on. The best part is getting back to ILM and working with the artists there. That is the most fun part, and same at Pixar. Both studios are filled with incredible talented people. I am always dazzled by what they do. I was fortunate that I have worked with great creative individuals. For me, it’s about just trying to create the best thing possible and putting together the best team possible.

Is producing something you have always been interested in or is it something that unfolded as you went on?
After I graduated from college I knew I wanted to work in the film business. I graduated from UC Berkeley and moved down to LA within 6 months of graduating. I realized LA was the land of opportunity. I wasn’t sure what aspect I wanted to get into but I tried everything that was available. Then I decided I like the organizational aspect of production so then I thought I want to be a producer.

What is it about Cars 2 that stands out to you?
To me it feels very different in comparison to any other Pixar film. We are doing a spy genre and basically have gone global. It has many Pixar qualities like heart and humor but to me it’s the most ambitious movie we have ever done.

If you could give advice to those who want to break into the business what would you say to them?
I would say try everything. Do every job that is offered to you, and keep your mind open to any possibility. Also make yourself invaluable to the people who hire you while going above and beyond.

What has been your favorite part of working on Cars 2?
Working with John was pretty amazing. I never dreamt a million years I would produce a film for him. I learned so much from him. Also the recording sessions with the cast were phenomenal.

What can we expect from Cars 2 that is different than the first?
It is completely different. The opening scene will blow you away. The new characters are also very fun. Michael Caine was an incredible addition to the film. He has charisma, he’s good looking and he is an amazing actor. We have really elevated the film to a whole new level. Hearing Owen Wilson do Lighting McQueen was a revelation.

Do we get to see any new characters appear?
Eddie Izzard plays Sir Miles Axelrod who basically is the one who creates this exposition race called the World Grand Prix and of course Emily Mortimer playing Holley Shiftwell was an outstanding performance. They all are such phenomenal actors.

Tell me about the process of filming Cars 2?
I was on it for about 3 and a half years which is short for a Pixar film. We were on a very rigorous schedule and screened the film 8 times. This was my biggest challenge. The kernel of the idea for the movie came about when John was promoting the first Cars traveling around the world.

Which character is your favorite?
It changes day to day, but today I would go with Holley Shiftwell. Also I think I would day Mater because I think we all can identify with that character in some way.

Don’t forget to check out Cars 2 when it hits theaters on June 24!

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