First Listen: Coco is a 'Shoe Freak' (AUDIO)

Coco's 'Shoe Freak' Art Work
Ice-T & Coco Renew Vows
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Ice loves Coco -- and so does Celebuzz! This Sunday, Coco hits the studio to record her first song, "Shoe Freak," with her hubby getting behind the track as her musical producer. The song features Coco at the mic talking about one of her favorite things -- shoes!

"What part of stiletto did he not understand?" she says in verse, before listing off some of her favorite brands to the beat of the music.

Can Ice-T prove that any good producer can make a pop song? Listen to the song below:

We have an audio snippet of the brand-new single before Sunday's show, so YOU can be the judge.  

  Coco: "Shoe Freak" Radio Edit Clip by IceLovesCocoFan

Don’t miss all the action in a new episode of Ice Loves Coco this Sunday (6/26) at 10:30 p.m. EST.

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  • Jazzyvadney

    You better talk about them shoes Coco! Like it a lot!

  • Juliet

    Coco is a lovely woman. I dig the song. totally fun.

  • Blunt Factory
    Blunt Factory

    Coco can & has been featured on trackz singing,this iz just a girl having fun talking about her obsession!Coco isa very smart strong women & i think alot of femalez will enjoy this track,think she should be rapping and talking about drugz carz & gunz?Please stop the hate! SMG FLTG

  • Lila

    This is awesome. She just loves shoes.

  • ne

    she doesn't even sing...she's just saying names...horrible.

  • simplydiffer

    Just another celeb that insists they should no longer just be the ho on a man's arm, but be the ho that sings. Ugh, stick to ya day job.

  • Ardis

    you got to understand those of us that love our shoes. I got it Coco

  • Noah

    Greatest song of our generation. Long live COCO!

  • hater