Jason Segel Passes Out With a Taco Bell Blanket, Loses 30 Pounds! (VIDEO)

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The hilarious Jason Segel strikes again! The Bad Teacher star dropped by David Letterman and dished how he dropped 30 lbs.

“My lowest moment came [when] I shot a movie in New Orleans,” Segel said. “New Orleans is like, the best food and booze anywhere … I really took advantage of it.”

Well, Jason opted for Taco Bell one night and thanks to his assistant snapping one damning picture, it whipped the How I Met Your Mother cutie into shape.

“My assistant had a key to my room in case I overslept, she came in one day to wake me up and she took a bunch of pictures to show me,” Jason says introducing the shot of himself passed out in Taco Bell wrappers. 

All that good food in New Orleans, and Segel goes for a chain? Too funny!

“Honest to God, Jason, this looks like a crime scene!” Letterman jokes at the end.

Looking good now though, J!

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