Miley Cyrus Rushed By Fan During Melbourne Concert (VIDEO)

Bieber Attacked!
Justin Bieber assaulted at Macy's
Justin rushed by cop at Macy's. Read More »

Justin Bieber isn't the only teen star who is attracting attention for getting rushed by strangers – pop star Miley Cyrus got a big scare earlier this week when a female fan jumped on stage and attempted to touch the singer in the middle of a concert.

Miley – who was in the middle of performing her hit song, "The Climb," at a concert in Melbourne – attempted to wiggle away from the overzealous fan's grasp as a male security guard tackled the fan to the ground. The singer, who was clearly shaken, started yelling, "Oh my God," before running offstage with a security guard.

Ever the professional, Miley returned to the stage – after a quick costume change – to sing "See You Again" and talk about her "crazy" fan encounter.

"I've never been so thankful to have young fans who jumped from [the arena's balcony] onto my back," Miley told the screaming crowd. "This next song is for all my crazy fans out there that are awesome."

Watch Miley's reaction to getting rushed by a fan (around the 3:16 mark in the video) below.

The news of Miley's fan-attack comes less than 24 hours after her fellow tweener, Justin Bieber, was rushed by an undercover cop at a perfume event in New York City. Justin, thinking that the cop was a hater turned violent, began swinging his fists and had to be dragged away by his entourage. It later came out that the stranger was a cop who was trying to protect Bieber from a fan.

Thankfully, in both of these cases, neither star was seriously injured.

What do you think of the Miley fan-rush? Sound off in the comments.



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  • brendacool

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  • jekka01

    omg she talked in one of her songs but i couldent hear her proply does any one know wat she said plz request and tell me

  • Amanda

    I think the fan was just worried about her, cause she looked like she was having a seizure at 2:24. The fan was just trying to help. Could have happened to anyone!

  • staystrong

    the way she handled it ... she was amazing :)

  • Lucy

    I was there! I was like OH, WHAT THE WAIT HUH? After it, in her next song, she was like "I can't stop laughing" and kept laughing in See You Again. It was pretty funny. Oh and someones weave fell out on stage, and she picked it up and was like "Uhmmmmm?" It was so funny.