Battle of the Hot Justins! (PHOTOS)

The battle of the hot Justins is on!

Not only do these studs share the same name, but they all make our hearts race.

Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Justin Long, and Justin Bartha (to name a few) are some of Hollywoods hottest hunks and it's time we take a look at what they all have to offer.

Timberlake can be seen playing the stud on the big screen in the upcoming film Bad Teacher, leaving us to ask, did sexy ever leave? While Long been seen with some ladies on different occasions, (such as the sexy Olivia Wilde) he is single and ready to mingle! And baby, oh baby— how Biebs has grown up! And with Bartha running through our minds all day, its no wonder he’s got us feeling hungover.

Check out all these photos of hot Justins in the gallery, then cast your vote for who YOU think is the hottest on in the poll!

And while were on the topic of sexy celebs that share the same name, why don’t you check out Celebuzz’s gallery of hot Robs!



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  • Pammela

    Timberlake for sure.

  • Tereasa Claire Allen
    Tereasa Claire Allen

    justin bieber wins HANDS DOWN I LOVE YOU @justinbieber

  • Tereasa Claire Allen
    Tereasa Claire Allen

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy!!!!!!!

  • Alice Amorim
    Alice Amorim

    Justin Timberlake is best

  • Alice Amorim
    Alice Amorim

    Justin Timberlake is god Justin Timberlake is perfect

  • Loky Loka
    Loky Loka

    Justin Timberlake is best Justin Timberlake is god

  • savanna

    go justin bieber i love you and i hate people who hate justin bieber you r all haters u guys r gelous because u r not as popular and hot as him!

  • simplydiffer

    Timberlake! He did bring the song "SexyBack" into our world, right?

  • Madison


  • lydiathegreek

    BIEBER 4 SURE!!!

  • Brian Mcmanus
    Brian Mcmanus

    Justian <<<Ya 100% Canadian,,,You's Pick Him So deal with it

  • Nik

    Biebs is tooo younggg but this article is awesomeee

  • Catherine

    BIEBER <3

  • ez

    no1 compares to jt,beiber aint hot and never will be

  • ME

    Timberlake all the way. Bieber gets on my nerves, especially recently with his new perfume and nail polish lines. WTF?!