Gone Too Soon: Remembering Michael Jackson Two Years Later (PHOTOS)

Michael Jackson: A Look Back

Today (June 25) marks the two year anniversary of Michael Jackson's sudden death and the world is still missing the King of Pop.

While there are still many questions surrounding his mysterious passing, one thing is for sure -- his iconic music will live on forever. MJ set the bar extremely high for pop music acts today, and we doubt anyone will be able to dethrone the King of Pop.

To remember Michael on this occasion, Celebuzz put together some of his best moments from his epic, decades-long career. From his start as a child star to his unforgettable "Thriller" days, check out the gallery to look back at his best moments and watch some of his videos after the jump. Then be sure to let us know which MJ moment is your fave by sounding off in the comments.

The day just wouldn't be the same without listening to our fave MJ songs. Check out some of Celebuzz's favorite MJ videos below.


"The Way You Make Me Feel"

"Billie Jean"

"Beat It"

"Smooth Criminal"

"Black or White"

"I Want You Back"



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  • castaneda

    The way you make feel

  • castaneda

    Happy Birthday, Michael! We miss you so much!

  • RIPMJKingofPop

    i think it's the glare and lighting

  • famous

    R.I.P :)

  • famous

    i think he really deserve what he achieve :) for he's a taleneted singer and KING OF POP ! thumbs up ! i miss him a lot :"(

  • jessica18

    how dare u call him jacko @kristap his name is michael jackson okay if u really love him u wouldnt call him jacko

  • Bri

    why do his eyes look blue in this pic?

  • pinkcatme

    can't you see he was trying to use the make up to cover his vitiligo? I feel heart pain to see his older pictures, he was so brave to still face people.

  • Joseph zimmerman
    Joseph zimmerman

    Michael was a generous man......a very talented person........a gentle soul. Michael Jackson was and is the king of pop. Michael helped shaped our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined. It's sad it took his death to realize that. We mocked him, we laughed at him, called him a pedophile. Michael Jackson is the one responsible for things we see today. when someone accused him about him being a pedophile we didn't support him. When tabloids say he slept in a gas chamber where were we? He was just a misunderstood soul trying to find himself in the world. Michael wherevere you are in heaven thank you for helping us realize. Rest in peace Michael love you.

  • Brandt Hardin
    Brandt Hardin

    Michael’s death and life are surrounded by so much controversy even two years later. Our celebrity-worship goes too far in creating our own ideas of icons such as MJ, as to leave a warped dynasty of myth and legend. Who was The King of Pop beneath the different faces? Check out my surreal portrait in commemoration of his passing and tell me about what you remember about him at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-memoriam-king-of-pop.html

  • lmw931

    no one will ever be better then mj he is a legend and always will be and will forever be in my heart r.i.p mj you are forever loved by all your fans