The Meet & Greet: Christina Perri Goes from YouTube to Top 20

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Christina Perri is making her mark on the music scene after the success of her breakout debut single, “Jar of Hearts” — which exploded after she sang the song on So You Think You Can Dance with an all-star cast performing to the tune. 

Your “big break” so to speak was your awesome So You Think You Can Dance performance. Did you expect the kind of positive reaction you got back?
I had zero expectations — and wow! I was so amazed and continue to be amazed by the people who reach out to me. The song boomed and starting from the night it was on TV to today, I receive letters, comments, emails and tweets about how the song has effected their relationships, strength lives and hearts. I’m extremely honored and one year later, still in shock.

*Christina actually performed the song before she even had a record deal, as her friend had passed it to the show’s choreographer, who liked the track. The song was originally posted on her YouTube channel and was later released on iTunes, where it hit the top 20*

Were you nervous about appearing on the show?
I’m nervous before every performance (especially in the beginning). I’m just a little human and my stomach twists up into a crazy knot and I get close to barfing sometimes, but if I wasnt so nervous I think I wouldnt be so passionate. So, I grab my courage and walk on stage. I hope I never lose that.

Name your most favorite song ever by another artist?
My most favorite song by another artist is, oh jeez, “Got to Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles or “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine or “Halfway Home” by Jason Mraz. I cant pick just one!

What’s YOUR favorite song that you’ve recorded?
My favorite song of mine I’ve recorded is “Jar of Hearts” because it was so raw, simple and vulnerable. We had absolutely no idea it was going to explode into the music world and that version would remain untouched. Its kinda epic for me.

There are so many hot musicians out there – do you have any musical crushes?
My musical crushes are Adele, Mumford and Sons, Lissie, Laura Marling, City and Colour, Chris Martin, Dean Martin and Jason Mraz.

Tell us a little about the album and your style?
Lovestrong is everything I am made of. Its full of songs about love and loss and strength and hope. I wrote all the songs over the past 10 years of my life and I believe I picked the best ones for me to put into the world first. I recorded the album with my band, some friends and my amazing producer Joe Chicarelli in 33 days. We put only into the songs what we thought they wanted. Some are slow and tragic and some are upbeat and cabaret. Which is me, I don’t fit into a box. I’m a singer-songwriter with a dash of pop, blues and soul. I couldn’t be more proud and can’t wait to play it for everyone now.

You were discovered on YouTube! What would you say to the artists out there trying to make their way? Any advice?
Don’t give up! Don’t take no for an answer! When it’s the absolute hardest time in your life and you wanna quit more then anything — don’t! Your dreams are where your afraid of looking.