Leighton Meester? Kristen Stewart? Who Is Garrett Hedlund Hanging Out With?

Garrett Hedlund: Dating Kristen Stewart or Leighton Meester?

Are Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart more than co-stars? New reports claim that the two partied all night together June 22 at the afterparty for Chris Weitz's film A Better Life. Well, considering the site has the wrong premiere date (it was June 21), let's consider that offsetting inaccuracies! Celebuzz was there too, and what isn't being mentioned is that Kristen and Garrett's On the Road producer was also hanging out with them in a group setting.

As we told you before, Kristen and Garrett are just friends. In fact, we've learned exclusively he has been spending lots of time with another brunette starlet -- Leighton Meester!

The Country Strong stars have been romantically linked before, but things might be heating up between the two. After both overlapping in London earlier this month (coincidence or conspiracy?), Leighton and Garrett were spotted this weekend hanging out together at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles.

A witness tells Celebuzz the duo grabbed breakfast by the pool, were "cutely affectionate" and looked "enamored" with one another. We don't want to give all the tidbits away, because it sounds like it was a nice, private moment for the Gossip Girl and her rumored beau, but one thing is for sure -- Kristen definitely isn't the woman in Garrett's life. Besides, whoever said that she and Robert Pattinson  were no longer a secret couple?

Celebuzz would love if Garrett and Leighton were more than co-stars! Would you? Sound off in the comment section!



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  • Robsten

    GOD DAMMIT! You people really don't understand anything -_- Like seriously! Rob and Kristen aren't cheating on each other ! And they are NOT done! Can't you guys understand that this is what their life is like when you are in a relationship with another celebrity?! They do different things and they can't always be together cause that's how their life is like! Just because Rob is doing a Movie in and Kristen is chilling with Garrett it doesn't mean that they are a thing! It's so stupid how you see a boy and a girl celebrity "hanging out" And you people assume they are together! And basically you should understand that Gossips about Rob and Caitlyn and Kristen and Garrett are just rumors! People who create these articles just wants to make the story juicy so people would read and it's not like those people who writes these articles are actually in their life. They are just looking at a picture guessing what they are doing and making stuff up!!! Rob and Kristen are together ! And just because they haven't seen each other for weeks doesn't mean they broken up! Or seeing and hanging out with some doesnt mean they are dating. Like you hang with friends and you assume they are dating. Its just like a friend hangout. Ridiculous! So just leave them alone cause you don't know anything about their lives whatsoever! No one does except for them. And i hope that robsten would last and just ignore the annoying comments that they receive and its obviously the people who arent fans of them that are making up annoying rumors.

  • Blah

    unfortunately, Garrett and Kristen were just friends and rob will probably know that. Kristen isnt trying cheat on no one and not trying to hurt Rob. So i dont know where you get this from. Im sure you are probably making it up. And Robert is attending Comic-con.

  • jacie

    Uhm they are together and they never splited. Just because they didnt hang out for a while or havent seen each other for weeks doesnt mean that they have split. And basically thats what celeb couples go through they work on their projects and see them once and a while.


    I prefer Garrett!!!! He IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fallon

    Until any of them say anything exclusively, I won't believe a word. Why can't we appreciate actors for their work and not their personal lives? They're human like the rest of us - until anything has been solidified in the media, I have no right to make judgments on any of them as people. As actors, however, they're all wonderfully talented.

  • .....

    that is not what i read. Garrett gushed about her in a few interviews. he also stated if he met someone and fell in love with them he would stop the acting business. also what about the hotel staff saying that her and Garrett stayed in a hotel room together. he also flat out denied he and Leighton are dating.no pics of him and Leighton after work but there sure are pics of him and Kristen.

  • Lauren

    Garrett certainly isnt dating or hooking up with Kristen. He has stated in Interviews that he deosnt want to be or find himself in any kind of relationship coz he cant give 100% to it right now. The alleged sighting of garrett and leighton i think is total BS coz leighton is in Boston filming, and the infomation given was very basic. Plus when this rumour came about earlier this year both there reps said it wasnt true. Personally i would like to know why an old rumour is being recycled. leighton gets pictured by paps alot and no one has ever seen them together. Both are know names and faces so it would be impossible to hide it. Plus the rumour of Garrett and kristen at the Roxy was totally made up. At the end of the day garrett is probably sat at home laughing at these ridiculous rumours and gossip. Also garrett is a very private person so to be honest i cant see him dating someone in the public eye.

  • Mellisa

    Leightin&Garretts chemistry was sooooooo hot in Country Strong i've been rooting for them

  • Muse

    Kristen is lesbian

  • ???????

    Ok who are you and why are you using my name and pretend you are me please never ever do that again

  • p

    I'm so glad someone with common sense reply to that silly comment .. you said everything i wanted to say ...thanks ... i was laughing so hard after reading some of these comments , they are hilarious!!! next time i need a good laugh i know where to go.. LOL !!

  • lmao

    Thank You , I couldn't said better myself...unfortunately we will be subjected to more nonsense and wacko fans and haters for next 2 years !!!!! God help us !!LOL

  • MK

    yawn same troll bs stop slander Rob if his girl is cheating on him isn't his fault

  • natural

    sorry burst your bubble Rob is straight and his girl too, so stop with this

  • lol

    @oniszko2 i really hope you are not an extra on any kind of set. you sound like you should belong in a mental institution. an actors bodyguard is not going to gossip on set with a bunch of extras about the person they are employed by.

  • Alyssa

    I feel so bad for Caitlin and Garrett who are the latest victims of these psychotic people who are set on tearing Rob and Kristen apart. You can lie about them here and other sites over and over again but that doesn't mean your lies are true. FYI, Kellan was photographed in NYC on Friday, he was not at CM and neither was Rob. Rob was seen in Toronto twice on Saturday. Kristen is busy and hopefully will be able to see Rob soon. Stop spreading false rumors about people. What purpose does it serve? You just waste all of your time and energy because the people who matter the most ignore it and they think you are as crazy as I do. But at the same time you are dragging people who don't deserve it into the tabloids. You are not a fan of either Rob or Kristen's if you keep talking about these rumors. You are just a person who must be so unhappy in your own skin that you feel the need to rip others apart. Why? What have Rob or Kristen ever done to you? What has Garrett done? What has Caitlin done? Leave them all alone and take a good look in the mirror and look into how evil your heart is.

  • Dawn

    I'm not sure I think Rob's sister would bother with a site like this. I'm not sure why I'm here. Just human nature to be curious I guess. If Rob and Kristen aren't dating then why don't they just say so? I can understand the secrecy if they're trying to protect a romantic relationship but I don't understand the secrecy if they're not dating. We're not going to abandon them if they're not dating. I didn't used to think they were dating but they've even convinced this skeptic and it has nothing to do with Twilight and everything about how they've conducted themselves in the public eye. If you are Rob's sister you have a wonderful singing voice and I love all of your brother's movies and Kristen's movies. I for one am growing sick of the rumors now. Most of their fans are just normal hard working people like them. They've given a lot of us a reason to go back to a movie theatre again and we will always love them for that dating or not. I have to go make dinner for my sweet hubby and two little, energy filled sons now. See told you we're just normal people and not raging lunatics.

  • oniszko2

    Hello lizzy, don't beleive a word of it...

  • carine

    leighton and garrett sighting! this is so exciting. i have been rooting for them from the moment i saw those clips with them hugging. they have such an adorable chemistry. and they would be such an interesting couple. they both sing, are wonderful actors and love their privacy. and have a great sense of humor! so happy for them!!!!!!!

  • lizzy

    my brother is not with her and is very happy being single. you are hearing this first hand from his sister lizzy.

  • Mia

    give us more on leighton and garrett!

  • katie

    they make a cute couple leighton and him

  • isak

    I think people are going crazy! the funny thing is that it's been three years that this thing Robsten hard and they have been photographed kissing up! but still there are people who doubt but they had to be seen in two events together and WORK WITHOUT PHOTO some sightings be related to kris Garrett .. As for Robert and Caitlin is even crazier! never been a report if you want them hanging out together and even pictures of the blue she turned her new interest love! Robsten may have ended if they can is cheating and everything else! but if these are the evidence that people feel that they claim are going wrong! come on! at least when the rumors started Robsten kristen and robert had been photographed together! but Robert and Caitlin Cronenberg was not even that! and clear! I believe TOTALLY the personal safety of rob speak to anyone who would listen to their personal problems!

  • laughatthemadness

    Taryn, I just had to sign up to say that I'm sorry to see that the loonies have invaded your new home. They are EVERYWHERE! Dear oniszko2 - please, please stop. You are cracking me up. So you are an extra on the set now , are you? Did your makeup artists friend get you that gig? I sure hope Caitlyn didn't hear that you mistook her for a 40 year old! I'm sure that would make her feel real good! I'm curious as to why just 3 days ago you said, "I think these to will have a very long relationship" (speaking of Rob and Kristen of course - and a direct quote I may add). Wow...what happened? Oh, I know . I forgot you are on the set and that's all everyone can talk about - the fact that Kristen has been cheating with Garrett (that was SO hard to type without laughing) and Rob is hurt, blah blah blah Gosh,, it's a wonder they can even get this movie filmed! I heard from a 'source' that even David Cronenberg himself was upset and had to call for an extra long lunch to collect himself! Poor David:( OH, and I'm sure Rob's bodyguard, Dean (that's his name) protects Rob very well and may in fact even care about the boy too. I would even bet money that Dean, being the caring guy that he is, would never EVER talk about Rob's personal life with ANYONE. OK, thanks, I'm done now. That felt good to get off my chest. Sorry to pick on you oniszko2 but you are just too much - and your grammar and spelling is atrocious (sorry for the big word - but google is your friend!) Have a great day everyone!

  • celia

    Pattinson is gay and Kristen's been his beard for three years. that's all. But I don't think Kristen is garrett's type, she looks like a children next to him. you cn be so better Garrett!

  • Dawn

    Rob seems to be very private and I don't think he or his body guard would ever talk about his personal life on a movie set.

  • Dawn

    For the love of all that is holy she went to an awards ceremony with him to present her former cast member with an award. Yes they went to an after party but so did a lot of people. She was never with Garrett in L.A. that was debunked. Nothing is going on except bored fans and paps looking at the wrong facts. They're both busy working and will see each other in London in a couple of weeks. If Rob did go to L.A. recently it was probably to visit Kristen because he misses her. She may have visited Rob in Toronto and we just didn't know it just like when Rob was filiming WFE. Nobody thought she had visited him on the WFE set until Reese Whiterspoon let the cat out of the bag in an MTV interview. Let's all just back off and leave them alone people please.

  • butterfly

    So Rob's bodyguard, who won't let anyone go within a foot of Rob, is also telling all of Rob's personal business to everyone? Now tell another one idiot.

  • nora

    fine, let's admit it. She was with Rob after cheating on Angarano and now she's with Hedlund after cheating on Rob. Bottom line...girl's a cheater!

  • Dawn

    Rob does have a little furry child named Bear to look after. It would have been very hard on Bear to drag him to L.A. for 3 days and back again. Kristen starts filming Snow white and the Huntsman in London shortly after Rob finishes shooting Cosmopolos. I have no doubt Rob and Bear will fly to London as soon as filming wraps up and we'll see plenty Robsten & Bear sighting. patience is a virtue.

  • oniszko2

    Hate to bust your bubble, but Rob will not be going to Comic Con 2011, has spoken to summitt and he does not want to be in the same place as Kristen Stewart.,this is according to his Bodyguard on the set. Rob will be going home to England for a couple of weeks by himself.....Needs not to breathe the same air as her.. Bodyguard is a really nice guy, and watches out for Rob.,I kinda think he feels sorry for what is happening to him....

  • Yasie

    If you're right, you're right :-). I only saw her tweet about "the mistake", and so because she was talking about gay marriage right before she made that tweet about all those boys, I tought it was sort of a confession. But now I also saw her answer about Kristen Stewart to someone's comment. But is she the only one who tweeted about it? Because that sounds strange to me, if all these stars were there. And there are a lot of pics of Olivia Wilde leaving Chateau Marmont on friday night and non of one of these guy. And wasn't Kellan in NYC?But who knows, maybe it's possible. And I really doubt about the tweet of Kristen Stewart and Zooey Deschanel. I just saw somewhere that the two people who tweeted about it, had the same last name and that they never answered a question/ comment from anyone, but I don't know if that's true either ...

  • oniszko2

    Hi Laura, you are wrong Rob was in LA on June 25 flew in from Toronto, I am just a lowly extra in the movie, but that is all everyone on the set is talking about, what Kristen is doing to Rob. He is just so devastated, that she would do this to him and that Garrett also would do it. He is a really humble guy, and was in love with Kristen, from what everybody is saying, was talking to his body- guard and he was giving little bits of info.,just what he wanted you to know. Also I asked if he would be going to Comic Con 2011 and he is not going, already discussed this with summit does not want to be in same place as Kristen...

  • oniszko2

    don't know where all these rumors are coming from but Rob is not "hooking" up with Caitlin C, he is not with anyone except himself and his dog....These rumors are awful....If anyone from what I can see is the blame is Kristen, she was supposed to go back to Toronto, Rob had been hearing all the flutter about her and Garrett, he had been getting messges on his phone, I don't know how anyone would have his number, but they did 20 or 30 times a day about Kristen....

  • Kellie Gast
    Kellie Gast

    Leighton and Garrett are cute together! I do agree....It is sad that celebs can't go anywhere with anyone without someone saying their dating! Andddd leave Rob n Kris alone.....they have been together for 2 yrs straight...hardly any time apart....so what if their not glued to eachother right now....they have been the last 2 yrs! Ever think maybe they don't want be clingy or suffocate eachother since theve been attached at the hip? There are a lot of other couples who are out and about partying with friends.....you have to be able to keep friends when in a relationship

  • kiki

    lol. how do you know robs work schedule?

  • nora

    dear lame Krisbian... even if there was a tiny shred of truth to that, Kristen Stewart would STILL be a cheater!!! Whah...??? You're freakin out cause Gossip Cop (aka Kristen's PR team) is not running to her resque??? How about...THEY CAN'T MAKE THIS GO AWAY CAUSE IT'S THE REAL THING?????? She's a cheating wh0re!!!

  • oniszko2

    Robert in Los Angeles, June 25, flew in from Toronto, I think the reason he came in is because of Kristen and the rumors about her and Garrett, I think weather he saw her or not in LA, that he did break things off with her..... He deserves better than that, and he is not going out with Caitlin C, not going out with anybody, people on the set of Cosmopolis were all talking how upset he was with Kristen, I believe from what they have said that they are finished...He is finished with her......I have been working as an extra in Toronto on the set of the movie, thats all everyone is talking about......

  • sue

    I just find it funny that Kristen has been seen at 2 work functions that Garrett has attended and it is automatically assumed that they are a couple. But there were almost three years of evidence with her and Rob and people still say they aren't a couple.

  • nora

    there was NO report he was with Caitlin you idiotic Krisbian! I bet you're one of those b*tches who harrass the poor girl on twitter! Idiots! Kristen was in LA, Rob was in LA, it takes two to meet and it takes two to NOT meet! And we know why Kristen didn't wanna meet Rob, cayse she was busy banging Hedlund!!!!

  • milena

    ve 21 století je to blbost ne? gay man je někdy to nejlepší, co můžete potkat, jsem starší generace ale tohle by mi vadilo úplně nejméně..........., a jsem hetero.

  • katy

    Robert Pattinson is gay.I think Pattinson would love to be himself. But can't because it would ruin his career if everyone found out he is gay. After KristenStewart, it will be some other actress that he is "romancing". Typical HW, keep the gays in the closet...all for money. Too bad people can't accept these superstars as gay leading men.

  • milena

    myslíte ? ,,přátelé s výhodama" ?!!!! to označení miluju....

  • kristi

    Sorry but I think Garrett is common. I would really like to think Rob & Kristen are together and Kristen is busy with two movies in the works . I haven't seen any proof that Rob is cheating, if there is any where are the pictures. You can not tell me the photogs have run out of film. The only problem I have is with Kristen's attitude of you must play by her rules. A relationship is about compromise. Remember what it says in Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • milena

    myslíte ? ,, přátele s výhodama" ?!!! to označení miluju...

  • maggiep

    No she did not- https://twitter.com/sarahrhoward Don't like if you cannot back it up. Rob was on LA on Friday night, went to a party at the Chateau Marmont and flew back to Toronto immediately the following morning only to go out to anohter bar with Caitlin and co on Saturday night. He had a 3-day weekend off and didn't go see Kristen? She was spotted out to dinner in the south bay area on Friday with Zooey Deschannel and BY HERSELF in Santa Monica on Saturday at a movie screening of The Room. Kristen going out to dinners and movies is A LOT different than Rob going out to bars and clubs all over Toronto every night and hooking up with his director's ugly daughter of all people. Classy, Rob..real classy.

  • Yasie

    The girl who told on twitter that robert pattinson was in LA, already tweeted that it wasn't true. She was just joking around with her friend.

  • Me

    R/K have shown everyone they are together.....holding hands, kissing in the car with the papz watching....They have a dog together...plus Robert has said a few things lately....So everyone please leave them alone and let them live their life their way...They are working, that is all!!

  • Who knows?
    Who knows?

    Don't know if Kristen and Rob are still together or not. But I do find it sad that a Celeb can't hang around anybody without someone saying that they are dating or cheating. So according to Gossip sites Rob has dated all of his Female Co-Stars? Kristen has dated all of her Make Co-Stars? Garrett has been dating Leighton, Taylor Swift, and Kristen? I guess this won't be the last time that Garrett is hooked romantically to a female Co-Star. Leighton and Kristen won't be the last.

  • milena

    nejkrásnější pár Kristen a Garrett, vypadají šťastný spolu...

  • mimi

    yeah, you're right... she's busy with SWATH&can't visit Rob and the little free time she has, she spends it......FLYING ACROSS THE WORLD TO GIVE A LAME A$$ AWARD TO HEDLUND!!!!!!!!! But yeah, Robsten are fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    Rob was at the Chateau while Kristen was in amother party in Santa Monica, there were twitts about that too you know! Those Caitlin rumours came from lunatic Kristen fans while the Garrett/Kristen hook up is reported by hollywoodlife AND celebuzz! Yeah, girl can't keep it in her pants, she has to give to every guy that works with her and is single!!! As for Laighton, live her out of it, she's been dating Drew Barimore's ex for a couple of months! The only reasin Taryn is implicating her is to make it look like Stewart is not a cheating wh0re!

  • maggiep

    Kristen may not be with Garrett but Rob has been hooking up with Caitlin Cronenberg in Toronto for going on 4 weeks now. He was in LA Friday night at a party at the Chateau Marmont and didn't even bother to see Kristen while he was there. Catilin had a photoshoot all night on Friday night fo her book, so she was occupied and couldn't spend time with him that night. He flew back to Toronto first thing Saturday morning and was spotted out with Catilin and her friends again at another bar-Sweaty Beatty's-that night. Rob's been hooking up with Caitlin since 5/20 before he broke it off with Kristen. She was wearing her ring from him when she was in London for the Glamour UK awards and had only taken it off since when she was spotted at the LAFF last Tuesday. Wonder why Taryn isn't reporting on these rumors? She knows ALL about them and isn't saying peep. Neither is Ted. Wonder why? Because it's true. Rob's a cheater and a liar.

  • mary

    you idiots! Taryn just said they were together hanging out all night! And stupid Robsten fans were spreading that Hedlund wasn't at the afterparty! Idiots!

  • niqa

    she DOES know how to end it and she did it already! She f*cked Hedlund and Rob dropped her sorry a$$.

  • Mia

    Garrett and Leighton are HOT tell us more!!

  • Pam

    Come on Garret has great taste, Kristen is def. not his type, they just did a movie together, I think Kristen wants to date every single one of her co stars... well that's not gonna happen with Garret. Garret and Lei make one hot couple.

  • laura

    taryn is feeding your robsten obssession dude! Rob had 3 days off from filming and he stayed in Toronto and you know why??? Cause Kristen is hanging all over Garrett&she facking him! Sad part is, the only one winning is Hedlund cause he's got his name in the press!!!

  • Whattheheck!

    Judging from you name, you are a hypocritical bitch! Get some therapy about your fixation on lesbianism....

  • Whattheheck!

    Unless you have been in their bedroom and watching them, your comments are unwarranted. To make such slanderish statements, must mean you are a bully and full of hate. Gain some common sense, because obviously you have none!

  • Janie

    Garrett and Kristen have been getting a lot of heat recently. Was Garrett even seen with Leighton while in London and why didn't she join the night out? How do you know this isn't just because people are starting to wonder what's going on between him and Kristen? It's odd he hasn't been with Leighton in awhile. I do think Rob and Kristen may be having trouble in the relationship and I think Kristen doesn't know how to end it with Twilight still going and the promotion coming.

  • Whattheheck!

    Sounds like you are a teen yourself. A mature adult would know to formulate better sentences and swearing would be non-existent. So it seems this does not apply to you! Go back to school instead of being blatently rude and crash....

  • oniszko2

    I find it extremely sad, that on all these web sites, Rob is getting the blunt of everything, they are constantly bashing him, for what working, he has to make a living, I have not seen pictures of him out with anybody, have you only rumors, but Kristen is out with everybody, dont you find it a little strange that she and Rob have not seen each other in weeks., I don't know about you but if they were together, they are not anymore....I believe they broke up weeks ago, also I don't think that Rob will be attending Comic Con 2011, I don't believe he wants at the moment to be anywhere, where Kristen is.. Just my opinion..

  • Garrett is dating everybody?
    Garrett is dating everybody?

    Who knows Garrett has been dating Leighton, Taylor Swift, Kristen according to Gossip Sites with "Sources". SO I don't know what to believe since every time he is out or hanging out a Gossip site assumes that they must be dating. No relationship has been confirmed by Garrett and he isn't seen out in public a lot with all of the women people are saying he is dating. Maybe he does have someone romantically in his life. DOn't blame him for keeping it private since every time he breaths around a woman he is suppose to be dating her.

  • Acer

    "calm down ppl! they are still together." Y are talkin about it like it was ur business. Get a fucking life those ppl u are defending dosent know you, they give a fuck about you. Dont u have better things to do than talkin and carring about ppl's love life, ppl that u dont even know. I bet u are a fucked teenage girl

  • Bloom

    They were faking it for the press, Now that twilight is over they are going to say it all. BTW Rob is gay and Kristen is lesbian

  • Ems bitch
    Ems bitch

    Kristen is lesbian and she can act soo go Garrett and Leighton

  • prudence

    Please stop with this shit.

  • Switzerland

    I just really find it amusing that people thought Rob and Kristen broke up because they're not together or they're not in the same place. Relax people! Maybe Kristen can't really visit Rob due to SWATH. Anyway, I can't wait for them Comic-Con 2011. And i wish that Rob and Kristen would just show themselves together just so all of you could shut the fuck up. But unfortunately, they're not like that. They're ninjas. PS: Garrett and Leighton are really cute and adorbs.

  • Jordan

    Leighton&Garrett would be the cutest! I loved them in the movie.

  • LoveRobsten

    Taryn: Grazie again for clearing up the rumors about Kristen and Garrett. They are co stars and friends. She's with Rob and has been in a serious relationship for over two years. Just because people are at the same function does not mean they are dating. We fans of Rob and Kristen can ALWAYS count on you for the truth. We appreciate you.

  • Kate

    wow Leighton has great taste then! :)

  • MJ

    aww garret and leighton are adorable they fit perfectly, i think kristen i'ts not garrets type of girl and they really look like good buddys nothing else. and remember rob is still filming that cosmopolis movie, and he will be until end of july so theres plenty of time for kristen to go visit him. calm down ppl! they are still together.

  • oniszko2

    I think that everyone should just face the facts as they are put in front of you. Kristen has not been back to Toronto, she and rob have not been together in weeks, I think if they were a couple they would have been together. she has made no effort to go and see him, partying all over the place, I think its safe to say that they are not longer a couple, if they ever were, and I personally hope that Rob finds someone that really cares for him..

  • oniszko2

    I think that Leighton and Garrett make a really nice couple, I heard he was crazy about her, and he has said that Kris and him are just friends, and if you think about it Kristen is not Garrret's type.....there just friends But I also thing that robert and kristen are no longer together, and they have split,gone there own ways.