Ravishing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Stuns at London ‘Transformers’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

Megan vs. Rosie
It's a style showdown between Megan and Rosie!
Shia & Rosie Get Some Action
See the action on the 'Transformers 3' Set.
With every stunning premiere appearance, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is making Transformers fans wonder: Who the heck needs Megan Fox?

Rosie, who replaced Megan as the female lead in the Transformers franchise, looked simply ravishing in a slinky blue dress at the London premiere of the film. With a majorly deep v in front that reached almost down to her belly button, Rosie showed the figure that made her famous as a Victoria’s Secret model before her days as a big screen beauty.

The massive Michael Bay-directed third installment titled Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon hits theaters on June 29. The cast has been on a global press whirlwind over the last week, with the official debut of the film at a premiere in Moscow.