Renee Graziano talks ‘Mob Wives’, Family Relationships & Her Greeting Card Company!

Renee Graziano may be known to bring the drama to VH1’s hit show Mob Wives, but rest assured that this strong woman is also cool, confident and a genuine sweetheart.

The season finale of Mob Wives airs today, June 26, and Renee gave us a hot teaser by saying:

… the big, big bang takes new meaning.

Does this means there’s going to be another big fight? The popular ‘mob wife’ kept mum on the issue, but we’re sure the last episode of the season is going to be explosive!

Renee also informed us that while her father “loves his daughters unconditionally,” he still disapproves of her appearance on the show. However, Renee happily reports that the rest of her family and friends love the show!

On her take on the show’s editing, Renee explained:

I’m not as rough, and I’m definitely not a tough girl.  I’m a strong personality.  I wish they would have focused a little bit more on the fact that I’m really funny and that I’m a very gentle person, believe it or not.

While we did see some of those fun moments with her, here’s to to hoping for more of those sweet moments during the second season.

Renee also informed us that her greeting card company called JAIL MAIL INC – which she started by writing letters to her friends on “the inside” – should have a website up by the end of summer. This personal project is being handled with care and will surely generate great involvement from Renee’s fans.

Watch a sneak peak of the Mob Wives season finale below, and then hit up our Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think!