Because He's Hot: Nick Jonas Struts Through LAX (PHOTOS)

Nick Jonas was all smiles when he was spotted arriving at LAX airport to board a flight for Chicago earlier this week.

There might be one reason behind Nick's saucy grin – the young star recently reunited with girlfriend Delta Goodrem at LAX last week and he was greeted with a warm hug and kiss. It had been a few weeks since the teen star had seen his 26-year-old girlfriend, so he was clearly happy to see her again. Too cute!

Nick is heading to Chicago as part of the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search program, which is currently on the hunt for a musician to sign to the Jonas family's Jonas Group Management.

Check out more photos of Nick looking like a stud and droll over him in the comments.



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  • judy semas
    judy semas

    Looks like you got your wish -- they're broken up now after almost a year together.. I don't know how he'll replace her. The only one of his exes who even came close was Selena Gomez. Certainly not Miley; she's trailer trash and he wants a lady.

  • Hayden

    He is so cute. That is pretty much the only thing I have to say lol.

  • stazzieable

    i don't like your comment ha! he look like 20 years old ONLY! and i don't like delta goodrem for him! its too stupid!

  • sara

    Awesome couple. Bothe very hot and talented! :)

  • jsemas42

    What a great couple!!! Nick's so mature he;s like a 30-year -old man in an 18-year-old body, so their respective ages ought not to be an issue...they're both huge talents...they've both conquered or are successfully managing life-threatening diseases...they share values, lifestyles, belief in the importance of family... charity...'re both hard-working, plus (unlike at least one of his exes) she's a lady and he's a gentleman. Kind, giving, down-to-earth -- both of them...not to mention stunningly gorgeous!!

  • Brian McFadden
    Brian McFadden

    Of course the 18 year old Nick is excited! Kinda like fucking your mama - Delta's a washed up talentless Aussie pushing 30, looking for a meal ticket.


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