Get Fly In July (Week 1): Get Demi Moore’s Flat Tummy

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Hollywood has the hottest bodies: Fact. Thanks to LeBootCamp founder Valerie Orsoni, everyone can be slimmer by summer with her proven exercise and diet tips! 

Celebuzz has teamed up with the celebrity trainer by creating a Hollywood-inspired four week fitness plan to “Get Fly In July.” 

First up, we’re proving that age ain’t nothing but a number with a workout inspired by the divine Demi Moore! Just how does somebody get a flat tummy like this amazingly fit 48-year-old? Valerie tells us how to get it done: 

Week 1: Get Demi Moore’s Flat Tummy!

Demi Moore defies the years with an amazing grace and a ripped body. If you want your abs to look like hers, follow this 7-day routine to work those abdominals!

Day 1: The Butterfly

This is exercise allows you to work your deep abs and get a flat and sexy tummy.

1. Sit comfortably on a gym mat or carpet with your legs crossed.
2. Don’t worry if you aren’t very flexible at the start. As you progress in your ab sessions your knees will eventually reach the ground so that you create the perfect butterfly :).
3. Place your hands under the nape of your neck. Inhale through your nose.
4. Raise your bust a few centimeters (approx. 10 cm) while exhaling through your mouth (not forcefully).
5. Repeat 25 times, and as you progress, move up to 50 times. Yes, you can do it!
6. Caution: Do not push your head with your hands as this puts you at risk of injuring your neck. The purpose of your hands is only to keep your head in alignment with your back and shoulders. You don’t want to curve your back like a turtle!
7. Do this exercise 4 times a week.

Day 2: The Balancer

For those who want a real challenge to tackle those deep abs that never seem to firm up, here is the absolute weapon: The Balancer. The Balancer is what we call a functional exercise, because it uses the weight of the body (and a small nudge in the right direction with a ball) to strengthen your muscles. You really have to keep your balance with this one! You can do it anywhere: in your living room during ad breaks in your favorite TV show, in the morning after your walk, in the evening before going to sleep, etc. You are the boss!

1. If you have fragile knees like me, I advise you to kneel on a gym mat, 2 beach towels, carpet, or a rug.
2. Keep your back straight.
3. Take a medicine ball weighing 1 kg (beginner), 3 kg (intermediate) or 6 kg (advanced).
4. Keeping your back straight, your stomach in, and your arms very slightly bent so as not to put pressure on the elbows, carry out a balancing move (a circular motion like the hands of a clock) as you see in the image. Go from the right-hand side towards the left, and then return. A return round counts as 1 movement.
5. Repeat 10 times (beginner), 30 times (intermediate) or 50 times (advanced). The ideal is to be strong enough to be able to repeat the series 3 times in all.
6. I recommend you to do this exercise once a day. It takes 2 minutes and the results are visible almost immediately!

Day 3: Crossed Ball Abs

This movement integrates your core muscles and works your deep obliques, abs, and lower back. For this exercise I use a 6 kg ball, but you can start with a lighter object.

1. Lie down on a gym mat.
2. Bend your legs and fix a ball (approx. 5 kg) between your knees.
3. Stretch your arms out on either side in order to stabilize your upper body, creating a T shape. Point your toes.
4. Move your legs from the right towards the left and back. Your upper body should barely move at all. Do several movements back and forth and then pause at center. Repeat, starting from left to right.
5.Hold the ball firmly, so that it doesn’t slip out, and also to work your inner thigh muscles.
6. Repeat 20 times for beginners, 30 times for an intermediate level, and 50 times (let us be insane) for the advanced ones.
7. Do this exercise 3 times a week.

Day 4: Partner Abs

This exercise works your deep abdominals.

1. Lie on your back with your arms stretched above your head and the soles of your feet touching your partner’s.
2. Inhale. Then exhale, and as you do, lift yourself up and grasp your partner’s hands (as shown in the video).
3. Do a series of 25.

Day 5: Boxer Abs

This exercise works your deep abs, lower back, triceps, and adductor muscles. Caution: this is an advanced level exercise and requires a strong core. Only perform this exercise if you can do 150 abs in succession.

1. Lie on your right side on a gym mat or towel, using your forearm for support.
2. With your abs contracted, lift yourself off the mat, using your right forearm and right foot to hold up your body.
3. Raise and lower your left leg in a controlled movement (as shown in the video). Do a series of 10.
4. Rest and repeat on the other side.

Day 6: V Pilate

Here is a super exercise to give you a flat tummy in no time! You can even do this move while you’re watching TV, during the commercial breaks.

1. Lay on your back, with your legs stretched out on the ground.
2. Holding your weight on the lower back (coccyx), lift your legs up together, and raise your torso at the same time (without arching your back), so that your body forms a “V” shape.
3. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Then lower your legs approximately 10 cm.
4. Hold for 10 more seconds and lower your legs another 10 cm.
5. When your legs are about 10 cm above the ground, hold the position for as long as you can. The burning sensation is a sign that your muscles are working effectively ;)
6. Do this movement 5 times.

Day 7: Yoyo

A small waist is well within your reach!

1. Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart.
2. Take a weight in your each hand (500g for beginners, 1kg for intermediate level and 2kg for advanced).
3. Then lower your left arm and torso along the left side of your body, as low possible.
4. Don’t lean forward, only on the side, just enough to feel the resistance in your love-handles.
5. Rise up slowly and do the same on the right-hand side.
6. Do this movement 25 times on each side, and move up to 50 as you progress.

  • Daily Meal Suggestions: “Glowing Skin”

– 1 green tea, sweetened with Truvia
– 10 almonds, soaked in water overnight
– 1 banana
– 1 pink grapefruit
– Optional: seasonal berries until you are not hungry anymore

On-the-go suggestions: 1 apple + Starbucks veggie wrap

– 1 steamed artichoke with 2 tbsp of soyonnaise
– 1 serving of tofu, sautéed
– 1 slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with 1 tbsp of “Homemade Hummus”
– 5 prunes
– 1 mint tea

Japanese on-the-go suggestions: miso soup + 6 sushis + 1 green tea + 2 handfuls seasonal berries

– Homemade tomato soup
– Fresh arugula salad with olive oil + fresh lemon dressing
– Fish fillet of your choice, grilled or baked in parchment paper
– 4 squares of chocolate (your favorite)

On-the-go suggestions: store-bought all natural and vegan soup + grilled fish/veggies + 4 squares of chocolate

  • Recipe of the Week: Homemade Hummus

This is a tasty and very healthy dip, side dish, or spread. I recommend always keeping it ready in your fridge to satisfy your salty/fiber cravings. My fave!

Ingredients (4 servings):
1 can garbanzo beans
½ lemon, squeezed
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
½ tsp tahini paste (sesame paste)
1 garlic clove
Salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a mixer/blender and puree until smooth. Some people prefer it coarse – the choice is yours!

Serving Suggestion: Put the mixture in a serving bowl. Pour some olive oil on top and garnish with a few olives if you’d like.

– Add 2 tsp cumin or paprika.
– Omit the tahini paste
– Add 1 cup of fresh white mushrooms, finely chopped.
– Add your own favorite flavor or herbs…be creative!

  • Celebrity Tip of the Week

Did you know that Jennifer Aniston drinks water with lemon juice on the day following a heavy dinner? And rightly so, because this mixture is recognized for its alkalizing virtues, bringing the acid-basic balance of the body back to its optimal level. The acid-basic balance refers to the body’s pH, which should be close to the pH of water. An overly acidic body is not healthy and will cause you to feel tired, prevent you from losing weight, and can even cause you to gain weight!

What increases acid levels in the body? Stress, lack of exercise, certain rich foods, too much meat, heavy meals, etc.

So how can we balance the body’s pH levels? Be especially wary of those miracle pills which claim to support alkalization (opposite of acidity). Instead, learn how to alkalize your body in a healthy, simple way! One of the most effective means is by starting your day with fresh lemon juice. You may be wondering how this is so, since lemon is actually quite acidic, but don’t worry, you will not get a stomachache, nor create more acidity by doing this. On the contrary, it is the lemon’s high acidity which will initiate an alkalized response in your body.

In the same vein, you can also increase your consumption of cucumber, and avoid sugar, which is a great supporter of acidity. And finally, the last method is to actually drink alkalized water. You can even make it yourself! Simply add cucumber and lemon slices to a water carafe and drink throughout the day! Having a well alkalized body, and therefore a balanced pH, is essential to a long and healthy life.

Do it like Jennifer!