JoJo Tells Celebuzz About Style Evolution & New Album (PHOTOS)

After selling millions of albums in her teens, a now 20-year-old JoJo is back on the scene! Fans may remember when she was just a 12-year-old aspiring singer who took the world by storm with her hit single, “Leave (Get Out).”

With a mature makeover, a new label and edgier music, its a big change from her formerly squeaky clean image! She tells Celebuzz about her style evolution, her new “pop with an anger management problem” sound, and being humbled by her struggles. 

You’ve basically grown up in the spotlight; in what ways has it been difficult to become the person you are now, from the JoJo that we first saw?
That’s a tough question, because this has been my “normal” since I was 13! I don’t really know anything different. These past few years have really put things in perspective, though. I feel they humbled me. I learned what it meant to work hard and overcome things I didn’t know I was strong enough to get through. I didn’t realize how different it is being an adult in this industry versus a child. I saw how fame is fleeting and building something more substantial is more important to me. Attention is lovely, but my mom always taught me to cherish the little things in life and put family and good friends first.

Jojo – Other Chick by Interscope Records

What changes can we expect to see with your new songs, style and outlook?
My style ever-changes with my mood. Right now I like to play with the juxtapose of hard and soft, edgy and feminine. I have deep black hair but ombré style brown/light tips at the end. I like to rock skinny jeans with nasty studded combat boots with a sexier, more feminine top and interesting accessories. With this album, I asked myself “What does the music LOOK like?” I think my personal style is reflected through music as well as what I wear. The sound is what I affectionately refer to as “pop with an anger management problem.” Aggressive, a little rough around the edges, little crazy. But it’s met with an honest, transparent vulnerability.

With so much of young Hollywood showing up in the tabloids, you’ve managed to bypass all of that negative publicity and developed into a respected artist. Do you have any advice for your fans on how to stay on the right path?
I’ve got to give credit to my mom. I would have probably been a different kind of person had she not been so strict with me. I didn’t travel anywhere by myself until my 18th birthday. She drew a hard line and made sure I put my education before anything. I think that her parenting style influenced me to want to set myself apart and not get involved with foolishness. I didn’t/dont want to disappoint her, my family, my team, or myself. My advice would be: Listen to those who are wise, and respectfully tune out those who are not. Work hard. Celebrate your accomplishments, but don’t get too excited with yourself. There’s always more to do. Don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, aim to be your personal best. And when in doubt, be nice.

You’ve been on the big screen (RV , Aquamarine), do you plan on making another appearance on the big screen anytime soon?
I love to act, and look forward to doing more of it, however my main focus is putting out and promoting my new album, Jumping Trains. Within the next year or so I’d love to be involved in another movie!

JoJo’s album will be released in October 2011.

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