Cute Kid Alert! Kourtney Kardashian Takes Baby Mason to the Beach (PHOTOS)

Mason Rocks a Cane!
Baby Mason takes a cue from his pops' style. Read More »

Little Mason Disick is already showing his California beach bum roots! Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick were spotted taking their one-year-old son out for some sandy fun at Manhattan Beach in California on Sunday, June 26.

Kourtney, 32, helped Mason toddle down to the water's edge where he dipped his itty bitty toes in the surf and giggled at the splashing waves. Mason looked beach-ready in a gray button-down shirt and white pants while his fashionista mommy looked glamorous in a net sweater, high-waisted navy shorts and a Goyard beach bag.

After Mason enjoyed some fun in the surf, Kourtney fed him from a bottle and put him down for a nap under a shady umbrella. The beach can get very tiring, Mason!

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  • amanda

    this woman is sooo ugly, she tries to look good like kim but indeed she has an ape face.

  • kirsten

    both this midget,monkey face, kim wannabe and her son are hideous. Enough with this family.

  • Darlene Costa
    Darlene Costa

    I agree new jersey fairy, she probably thought her son was gonna be this perfect looking kid, like angelina and brad pitt's biological kids but it didn't happen. oh well, can't have your cake and eat it too...that's life. At least he's happy and healthy, that's what life is about.

  • claudialimon

    masooon <3

  • Eliza

    How is Mason not cute? He's one of the best looking kids in Hollywood.

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
    Skinny D Escaubar Scott

    Cute little foot

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
    Skinny D Escaubar Scott

    Smooth but thin.

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
    Skinny D Escaubar Scott

    Big Steps in wet sand

  • new jersey fairy
    new jersey fairy

    he looks so happy in the picture, gotta love the innocence of little kids. Priceless.

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
    Skinny D Escaubar Scott

    Cluess like a Duck.

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
  • new jersey fairy
    new jersey fairy

    This child is a precious blessing. The best lesson for a family who is waaay too much into looks is having a kid that, lets just say, doesnt really screams beauty. It will teach the kardashians to see past looks and focus more on whats inside a person and that's where beauty really is.

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
    Skinny D Escaubar Scott

    Looking Dirty.

  • Laura Champlain
    Laura Champlain

    What a cutie:)

  • Lili

    so adorable

  • Michelle Amengual
    Michelle Amengual

    Kourtney Mason is getting so big it looks like he had fun at the beach.

  • Lochlynne

    OMG !!!!!! Who cares ?????? Please go away ....