Mila Kunis on Justin Timberlake: He’s ‘One of My Closest Friends’

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Although the two insist that they aren’t dating, Mila Kunis revealed to Canada’s Flare magazine that she and Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake became very close during filming.

“There wasn’t one day [on set] when I didn’t crack up,” Mila tells the magazine in their August issue. “Justin has become one of my closest friends. We realized we had the same sense of humor, we got along really well and we had the same opinions on things.”

It’s good news that Justin and Mila are so comfortable with each other since they both got a little grab-happy at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month. Only close friends can grab each other’s private parts and get away with it!

Mila and Justin have been battling dating rumors since the actress broke things off with her longtime boyfriend Macaulay Culkin back in January. Various sources claimed that Justin had dumped girlfriend Jessica Biel because he wanted to pursue Mila but both stars denied that they were ever an item.

Check out the trailer for Friends with Benefits below.

So, if Mila isn’t dating Justin, then what’s her big secret? “I love bad TV,” Mila tells Flare. “If I can just stay home on a Sunday and catch up on my horrible reality shows, with my dogs and my Pinkberry, to me that’s heaven.”

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